One Reply to “Many Chicago 726 Teamster Voice Concerns!”

  1. I would like to say Bruce is the man, Imagine the possibilities if Bruce was an attorney. He is very good at what he does, I have known Bruce for a while, while he was in sanitation, he brought the city down to there knees in a courtroom, he had the Foreman up on charges, the foreman could of went to Prison! But Bruce being a nice guy, and didn’t want the foreman losing everything he had, decided to drop the charges against this Foreman, This was in Federal court, look up the case and see for yourself. Bruce is a nice guy, I would not like it if he was against me, because once he makes up his mind to “go after you” he will find out what you did that was illegal and give notifications to the authorities, (corruption) And if your a Foreman, and you “mess with Bruce” and he finds out you were trying to screw him, its going to be bad because he will call the U.S.Attorney on you, and when he calls them because he has information on you (corruption) I am just going to say its going to be ugly for the Foreman. I think he has information about a Foreman already and a few Drivers too.

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