Mayor Daley orders Unions to break the contract, Chicago Unions cave-in

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June 20, 2009 Summit construction has been getting around the State and the City of Chicago like flies on crap. I first saw their song and dance on Cicero Avenue in the North side of Chicago. It seems companies pop up out of nowhere and then they are everywhere in Chicago. I was not impressed with this company, they are amateur and unprofessional in my opinion. Today this company was installing 8″ water ductile main and precast basins on the corner of Haddon and Marshfield. The company had some old dude around, an Indian Engineer(?), and about three of four laborers of Hispanic origin. They had some difficulty understanding me. I think the guy operating the cheap backhoe was a laborer. This is Saturday and I hope these guys were making time and one half, I hope they are following all Union rules. Chicago City Workers are told to sacrifice and starve, Mayor Daley’s private companies work the overtime. I got a call from the boss today and was offered some overtime. He told me I am on the list. I hope that list shows up in Federal Court, I was told there is a “Courtesy List”. Amazing, it has been months and I finally get an O.T. call at 9:51 p.m. on Saturday night, and now there is an OVERTIME LIST! I think I am on a list, but not the acting up list, the clout list, the holiday list, the old buddy and pal list, and the double time list. I am not on the Investigator List, the pay bribe list, and the secret list. I just want to make everyone aware of the cave-in tactics of the Chicago Unions, workers will pay and lose, Business Managers and Agents will not. Daley and his pals own your pension money and you will sacrifice and lose. Whatever you give up will not be returned. I cannot wait to see the overtime list when workers get comp-time instead of overtime; time for some overtime pigs to head back to penny slots or quit gambling! Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Are you talking about the infamous J.C%&^*? what is he going to do now? will he offer the casino’s a comp time check? or is he going to offer something of value to the Casino’s? but what can he offer them, just maybe offer some old lead that get pulled from time to time? does anyone check the secret compartment on the truck? I bet it is full of old lead pipes? Wait I think he takes the lead pipes when he punches out, thats why he is there at the lot so early on days he doesn’t work overtime? so No overtime he steals the lead to make up for the overtime? where is the inspector general at? he does nothing I think Patrick, where is peter fitzgerald at? whats going on here Patrick. So much corruption and no one wants to see justice done? Patrick when are the “goons” going to Prison? how long must we wait for excitement for the goons going to Prison? Must we wait for a national holiday honering the corrupted officials? come on Patrick say something here so I could look forword to the day they go to Prison.
    (Response) That still goes on?

  2. You dont get offered OT and you complain, you get offered OT and complain. Look at thid and other posts, Bottom line is you dont know you own contract.

    Stick to your pretend reporting of news as your can get away with that unlike reading or applying union oontracts

    (Response) Thank you for the enlightenment. Everyone can’t wait to get the information you just posted.

  3. Hey Pat, don’t you know we are chumbalones. Observing will tell you that Daley crushes everyone. THIS WEEK THE READER EXPOSED that every lawyer and all those involved on the city side of THE PARKING METER RIPOFF were all past and present agents of JP MORGAN. The US attorney needs to look at all the laws that were broken. And if you think Patrick Fitzgerald will ever indict Daley then you are smoking crack. David Hoffman is the only hope of an indictment of thief Daley! And GM(Democratic motors) is done. You never mix politics with business. It’s not about buying American anymore, it’s about not buying a car because the money is going to the Democratic party.

  4. Take photo’s of Clean Slate, a private company that sweeps the streets all over the city instead of the union workers.

    Take photo’s of this year’s Marathon, where they have illegal’s sweeping the trash.
    (Response) And cut into Mayor Daley’s friends money machines?

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