3 Replies to “"Mayor Daley" shows up in Des Plaines to ask for forgiveness from Teamsters”

  1. Again you prove your inability to tell or print the truth. This picture has a very badly doctored picture of Mayor Daily, obviously done by you. Mayor Daily was not in Des Plaines, and our mayor did not assign any police as you indicated. I like your wife but could not vote for her because of you and your influence. You wonder why your wife can’t win an election. Thanks to you and your lies, she will never have a chance.
    (Response) You got some facts wrong, but if you wish, send me some money and I will give you the pics of the poepoe

  2. Believe you should use the money to learn how to write and spell, additionally no one would believe that the picture of Mayor Daley is natural. It is so obvious that a picture, bad one at that, has been added to the picture. You claim you are a reported, with your reporting, grammar, and photograpy skills, you would be lucky to work for as a middle school reporter. Go take more pictures of people under false pretences and pretend you are so close to them. I know many of these same people, they feel you are a joke. Run for a public office lets see how many of your so called supporters will support you.

  3. Hey there,pat&co. Your stories about these goons are very accurate.. I dont care what these idiots were told 2 say or what there agenda of B.S. is,,, I was in the ditch, gettin treated like a bi%^&,job after job,day in day out. THEY say u cant fight city”GOON”hall,I say u can. EXCELLENT REPORTING.they are very worried I can tell. Friend of wife = Friend of strief.. These goons have ruined alot of peoples lives,While they sit back & say the same old B.S. IT WASN’T ME.prove it.IT WASN’T ME. C.C.is da truth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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