No Games Chicago Marches Forward Tonight with a great Executive Meeting

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June 22, 2009 Tom Tresser is one of the leaders of No Games Chicago. I saw Tom and a group of No Game supporters on ABC 7 News just a few days ago. I could not believe Tom was on the news, in Switzerland, and pushing the agenda for No Games Chicago. This was a very brilliant move and I was a bit envious of the shear brilliance of the tactic. We enjoyed a question and answer period tonight, a couple of videos and pictures of the trip to Switzerland. When Ben Bradley of ABC 7 interviewed Tom, it was a golden moment Mayor Daley will never forget. I hope everyone helps No Games Chicago move along the path of success, they are doing a great service to all Chicago Taxpayers. Tonight, I enjoyed fellow supporters including Rachel Goodstein a friend of mine and the original pain in Mayor Daley’s rear-end. I look forward to an upcoming T.V. show with No Games soon. I am also proud of helping bring No Games to your attention a long time ago, thanks to Charles Walker. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. If this is truely the case that organized labor for the City of Chicago will have no paid holidays and will be acting like union employees that work for contractors, the Union employees have to realize that they are moving to an area of disadvantage and financial security. If this is the direction that your Union is going, then they Unions must put alternate preasure on the US Senators and Representative to get Social Security back in your package. You might not think it is a big deal now, but your Union brothers who do not work for Municipalities will retire with their pension and are Social Security (Medicare) eligible. Healthcare is always on the rise and by the time you are eligible for Medicare, you will be paid huge money for your own private insurance at the age of 65.

    Response) Thank you for your input.

  2. shep33 wrote:
    Look at the photo! What an A Hole!
    6/26/2009 9:32 PM CDT on

    celty wrote:
    Honestly does anyone believe a word this crook says anymore? And he looks exactly like the mean old man who used to yell at all the kids in my old neighborhood to stay off his grass.
    6/26/2009 9:22 PM CDT on

    aj2 wrote:
    Just like King Richie,
    The city is millions in the hole but we will pay 500 million in taxpayer funds to the Olympics. Didn’t he say there would be no taxpayer money used. This guy along with every alderman has to go. I bet Daley and the alderman don’t take any unpaid furlough days to keep from being laid off. Watch the 500 million turn into billions in taxpayer money. How often do the people of Chicago get scr@wed? DALEY.
    6/26/2009 9:08 PM CDT on

    james rey wrote:
    Instead of paltry policies,get insurance to cover 20 or even 50 billion in overruns.The hefty premiums could be paid by those that would benefit from an Olympics,on budget or not.Think construction companies,construction unions,the news media and democrats.

    6/26/2009 8:52 PM CDT on vin dawg wrote:
    “But Daley stressed he’s not expecting losses. He said the Summer Games haven’t lost money in the United States since 1972 and that Chicago 2016 expects to the games will generate $20 billion in new economic activity.”
    What is Da Mayor smokin’?!? The United States did NOT even host the games in 1972, so why even throw that year out there? The modern era of Olympic competition is far more costlier than in the past. And King Richard is mortgaging the whole city before we’re even selected to host anyway. I don’t know what exactly the city of Chicago thinks it is “winning” as a result of this anyway. Chicago needs to be operating properly on a daily basis (NOT A DALEY BASIS) before taking on the Olympics. What a load of garbage this is. I wonder which of these cities has gained long term economic success as a result of being an Olympic host city.
    1904 Summer – St. Louis, MO
    1932 Summer – Los Angeles, CA
    1932 Winter – Lake Placid, NY
    1960 Winter – Squaw Valley, CA
    1980 Winter – Lake Placid, NY
    1984 Summer – Los Angeles, CA
    1996 Summer – Atlanta, GA
    2002 Winter – Salt Lake City, UT
    6/26/2009 8:03 PM CDT on
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    jay_k wrote:
    6/26/2009 7:48 PM CDT on

    hanekhw wrote:
    “I do not want to burden Chicago taxpayers with the cost of the Olympics, I want to make that very clear,” Daley said after a opening reception of the new MillerCoors downtown headquarters.

    When are the lies going to stop? When is someone going to start calling these people on what they say – when its obvious no one in their right mind would believe what they’re saying – immediately?

    Wow – I just say a pig fly past the window – Honest!
    6/26/2009 6:43 PM CDT on
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    shillerhater wrote:
    Daley, his family and cronies have made Chicago a joke. They took a great city and made it the punch line of jokes about corruption and thievery. THAT will be your legacy, Dick.
    6/26/2009 6:38 PM CDT on

    we is joe d wrote:
    I guess King Richies 170k a year press secretary is talking out of turn then. Hey Rich, lets get this as straight as we can so that even you understand this: you have NO credibility, you are a lying thieving egomaniac.


    As for the Olympics not losing money, you failed to mention who is not losing money. There is no doubt in my mind that you and your friends will not lose money. You will make millions and possibly billions. But the taxpayers of Chicago WILL lose billions. We will be the ones filling your pockets while we suffer with the crowds, security and traffic. You don’t care as you will just wave your way through. You have your 24×7 police protection while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves because you gutted the CPD. THE TAXPAYERS WILL SUFFER, NOT THE POLITICIANS.


    6/26/2009 6:24 PM CDT on george wrote:
    I hope you stop that,” Daley said.

    Who is Mayor Dum-Dum blaming now?? RMD has no credibility do to the parking meter fiasco, Hired Truck scandal, HDO, the indictment of his closest aide (Robert Sorich), The Duff family making minority contract dollars,even though they are white is the day is long….

    So again Mayor Dum-Dum who are you trying to blame the Olypic lie on?? You my dear man are a fool and need to be put out of office and in a jail cell!

  3. Daley seeks to reassure taxpayers on Olympic plans

    June 26, 2009
    BY LISA DONOVAN Staff Reporter
    Facing a credibility problem over his Olympics plans, Mayor Daley sought to assure taxpayers today that the games would not cost them any additional money — despite his agreement to sign a host-city contract that could put them on the hook for losses.

    “I do not want to burden Chicago taxpayers with the cost of the Olympics, I want to make that very clear,” Daley said after a opening reception of the new MillerCoors downtown headquarters.

    » Click to enlarge image

    Mayor Daley today spoke about how the Olympic bid could affect taxpayers.
    (Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times)

    It was the mayor’s first public appearance since he and his Olympic planners returned from Switzerland, where last week they made a pitch before the International Olympic Committee for the 2016 summer games.

    While he told the IOC he would sign the host-city contract, Daley said today he wants a provision in the agreement to ensure that the $2.5 billion in guarantees already in place to cover any losses will be exhausted before the city has to put up any additional cash.

    That $2.5 billion includes several layers of private insurance that total $1.3 billion, another $400 million in rainy-day funds that would be generated by revenues earned from the games; a state guarantee of $250 million, and a $500 million guarantee of taxpayer money from the City of Chicago.

    “That is our protection of the city of Chicago,” he said.

    But Daley stressed he’s not expecting losses. He said the Chicago 2016 bid committee expects the games to generate $20 billion in new economic activity.

    Daley’s pledge last week to sign the agreement — essentially an open-ended guarantee against losses — angered aldermen who believed they were kept in the dark about the matter.

    Already a move is afoot in City Council to hire an independent analyst to eyeball the $1 billion in private insurance and other Olympics costs.

    Flanked by a nodding Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) and Chicago 2016’s bid president Lori Healey, Daley sought to soothe those fears, saying aldermen would be consulted about the agreement before it’s signed.

    “I would never take members of this City Council for granted, the taxpayers or anyone. I don’t know why people are trying to get this impression. I hope you stop that,” Daley said.

    A host-city agreement has to be signed by the finalist cities in the days leading up to the IOC’s Oct. 2 vote to decide which city will host the 2016 Olympics.

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