Chicago Unions Workers find out progess on contract tomorrow

Make sure you show up to work and find out if your union sold you out tomorrow. Some Chicago unions accepted new contracts with-out members input or vote. All unions agreed to keep your union dues at the historic high rates despite the givebacks. Make sure you wave to all of Mayor Daley's friends as they clean up working for full pay. Mayor Daley's contractors are also working non-union and phony minority companies on the 294 expressway. Tadin Trucking has been working this union prevailing wage jobsite despite being a trucking company paying "by the load". If you are a Union Teamster contractor, ask why Tadin gets to pay different wages to his employees. Maybe Mayor Daley is paving the golden highway for his pal.

2 Replies to “Chicago Unions Workers find out progess on contract tomorrow”

  1. Hey Pat do you pay full share or as I hear it fairshare dues? So even if they had a vote, you cant vote on the contract changes.

  2. Does this include Chicago Fire Fighters Union (CFFU) Local No. 2?

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