Mayor Daley replaces 726 Teamsters with Hired Truck Goons

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Mayor Daley is ordering City of Chicago Teamsters drug testing on a record pace. The other union workers can relax because the weenie has set his sights on the lowest paid of all the trade workers. This picture shows a large line of Mayor Daley’s special companies that know the pay to play schemes Daley made famous. This picture was taken at Oakley Street just south of Irving Park. It seems the shrimp has the habit of hating when baby richy do not get his way, a midget’s curse. We need to support the drivers that lost their job by attending Wright College, Thursday August 13, 2009. 5:00 p.m. Please bring any extra canned food you have at your house for our union brothers that lost their job. Also bring some rotten fruit to throw at Pat Ryan and all the phony lying scum buckets selling the 2016 Olympics so Daley can parade his scary face in front of the world. Chicago Clout is against the debt the 2016 Olympics guarentee until Daley can tell the truth for once in his life. Chicago is broke now, Dump Daley and the Olympics. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Why are not these trucks rolling? Why are they standing idle? Isn’t that what initiated the hired truck scandal i.e. trucks stacked up doing nothing! When was the last time these scabs had a drug test?

    Pat what time is the food drive at Wright College?
    5:00 p.m.

  2. Frank, the reason these trucks aren’t rolling is because there really isn’t any work for them to do. I worked for a company called Dispatch Services Inc. back in 1995. The company had 4 semi-dumps leased to the city in the very first Hired Truck Program. I was one of those drivers. We would report to Monarch Asphalt at Fullerton & Elston (Now McDonalds) at 7am every day. By 7:30am a CDOT foreman would show up and sign our tickets that read “From 7am to 4:30pm”. 8 hour day plus one hour overtime. Each day was repeated like the last. We would get loaded at Monarch (on a broken scale & owned by Polumbo) and head to the site. We sat most of the day with a hot load and then around 11:30-12:00pm we would unload into the Barber-Green and head home. I was usually at home and watching tv by 2pm and yet I was on the clock until 4:30. The hired truck program is a scam. The minority’s love it because it makes Daley look like he cares. Bottom line is the hired truck program cost’s the city more than people know.

  3. Very interesting! So that’s why our City streets are falling apart. The hired trucks were sitting around with hot asphalt (about 360 degrees when loaded) for hours which means the asphalt was cold when it was dumped into the paver and failing to meet the Illinois state regulation regarding the temperature of the asphalt.

    Where or who were the civil engineers on these job site’s? This would make the asphalt difficult to work with and lose it’s durability or strength.

    Incidentally, didn’t Mayor Daley receive the most donations (kickbacks) from the hired truck scam?

  4. I recall the one that was in charge back then was Bernie Span@. He was a mobbed up guy who got all kinds of friends and family city jobs. Well I know thing for sure was when we got loaded at Monarch, the scale didn’t work. The loader would just guess at how much was going into our trailers. And of course he would always guess high so taxpayers paid for tons of asphalt that never even existed. Heres a surprise, the one outfit with the most trucks with the city back then was Fred Barbara/Karens Kartage (Daley’s long time friend and neighbor). But to answer your question, yes. The reason the streets don’t last as long as they should is because we dumped temped asphalt into the Barber-Greens.

  5. I worked construction for Union companies for a long time at every capacity i.e new road construction, resurfacing, new sub-divisions etc. The Feds had to move in on Palumbo because they ruled supreme or received most of the profitable jobs and were overcharging or using inferior materiel (recycled not virgin material).

    The Feds shut them down were they could no longer do any state jobs. They are now sub-contractors and still run numerous asphalt plants.

    Sammy and Joey Palumbo went to prison in regards to this scandal. I don’t recall one politician going to jail for this scandal. It is similar to the hired truck scandal where you over charge for the job and you pay-off the politicians for awarding you the contracts.

    Also, the scale at the above location did not work for a reason…Palumbo would load the trucks two thirds and charge for a full load or 72,500 pounds of asphalt.

    Your right all of the above mob connected parties were involved including City Officials, that’s the only way it could get done with the City’s OK.

    Bernie Spano died just when he was maxed out and ready to retire…what’s that they say about Karma?

    Dave I can see we both been around my brother.

  6. Bernie Spano was an uncle to Anthony and John Spano who just happened to own the very truck that I drove along with 3 others. They also had Jimmy Innendino’s truck in on the scam. Now their partners in the company that I was with was the LaGiglios who also got their city jobs the old fashioned way, through clout with Bernie, One of them still is a city emplyee to this day. I guarantee you , he never saw a lay off. D&P had a few trucks with us too and that company is solely owned by “No Nose” DiFronzo. Frank, sounds like you have been in the game a long time like I have and I’m sure you also realize like I do, this shit is NEVER gonna change. I think it’s great that we have guys like Pat McDonough and this site to help us vent but the bottom line is Chicago’s history. It won’t change. It’s sad for guy’s like myself who just want to work but have to be involved in all the political “pay to play” crap.

  7. You sure know the names my friend, don’t forget Marina. I am absolutely astonished on how this maggot (Daley) keeps getting re-elected.

    How can someone who knows nothing about what is going on under his watch keep getting re-elected? He splits the vote that’s how…if a Black man runs he places two Black puppet to split the vote, if a Latino runs he places two puppet Latinos to split the vote etc.

    This snake(Daley) wouldn’t last a day in the private sector. Also, this parasite (Daley) has his Daddy’s Little Black Book, names, places, etc. Change is coming to Chicago Dave but we’ll be ashes by then.

    I hope you the very best in returning back to work my brother.

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