The City of Chicago is broke and will be shut down Monday.

Visit 4114 North Knox Avenue from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Enter from off Montrose Avenue on travel south. Work goes on, Hired Trucks roll, contractors from Lake County make bank. Visit the Milaukee Avenue project than never ends. Union dues will not be reduced. The Olympic dream goes on. Enjoy, you have been warned, it get worse, much worse.

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  1. City Shutdown

    If you need to go to City Hall Monday, forget about it. It’s closed. So will the city’s public libararies and there will be no garbage pickup for the first time in memory. Mayor Daley has ordered non-essential city services reduced Monday as part of his effort to fix the city’s 300 Billion dollar budget deficit. Steve Chamraz has the details.

    300 Billion? might be a stretch. Spell check please.

  2. Awe, how nice for the sell-out unions who caved to the Fuhrer of Mein Chicago, and give them their first UNPAID day off today! Bend over folks, The “Dick” has more to give ya!

  3. For the end of this jagoff Daley’s rein. I get nothing but complaints and hate against this mayor yet who is going to run against him. I hope I am right in thinking that a good viable candidate is waiting to announce at the last minute because he/she does not want to be destroyed by Daley and his henchmen too early. Look what happened to Louis G. and Jessie J. jr. Both under federal investigation. What other big name pol went against the mayor? Miriam Santos. What happened to her? Federal investigation. This Daley has more pull than anyone wants to admit. And yes I guarantee you that Daley knew all about Blago selling Obama’s senate seat and he let the feds onto it. Do not even think otherwise. 3 big name mayoral candidates and the all were brought down by the feds. Rough shit going on in this town. But karma is now bringing down Daley’s crooked fu(king son and nephew. I pray a viable or even slightly viable candidate comes along. And they will glide in easily. Daley is in for a surprise but I think he knows it. And watch him change the mayoral primary back to the normal type of primary and not this 51% bull crap. In a normal primary Daley will put up a whole load of shill candidates and and win the mayoral primary with 34% of vote. Bank on this crook getting the election law changed. Just like he got the laws quietly changed so the credit unions could burn the recordings of the meetings with Robert Vanecko after only 2 years.

  4. Hell, I’ll run against him!! I couldn’t do any worse and I know what it’s like for us on this side of the fence!

  5. I am curious to know why ANY city workers got laid off from Aviation? O’Hare and Midway are fully funded by the airlines and NOT tax dollars. The airlines pay to have set amount of equipment, personnel, etc. and somehow I think they are being screwed by Daley as well. Just a thought…

  6. Watch Channel 2 news starting tonight, from what I heard from the water grapevine, Pam Z had a one on one with our Beloved Commissioner regarding the billing of the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading Program) that promises to put MORE people out of work. A whole lot of shit….

    Guess Spatz got a new ass carved out by our loved Pam!

    Congrats Pam….we love ya!

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