Chicago City workers Starve, Daley's Contractor Goons working Overtime Today.

Sumit Construction Skokie, Chicago Olympic Bid Many Chicago City workers are laid off and Mayor Daley made sure his goons from Skokie, Illinois were working on a Saturday morning. This crew was fixing some asphalt for Mayor Daley on Northwest Highway in Norwood Park (Chicago). Mayor Daley continues to privatize at a stunning rate thinking he will have more control over the work, patronage, and scams on the street. Mayor Daley Olympic dream will be dashed as he trying to put on a front for the world; the infrastructure crumbles everywhere in Chicago. I am an employee for the City of Chicago, licensed and certified, it would be a massive mistake to take on the Olympics. This is a typical handyman approach to repairs; you have a group of workers that are difficult to understand due to their heavy accent. If Daley wants to impress the world as to his insanity, go and watch a minor project on Milwaukee Avenue in Jefferson Park. This project has struggled on for years; gross mismanagement and incompetence are par for the course. Daley has the greatest problem of any Mayor attempting to get an Olympic bid, while on the surface the minority bidders, and women owned businesses seem like the right thing to do, the corruption and incompetence make even minor road and infrastructure repairs drag on and on. I watched these three men working for this company that popped up out of nowhere, somehow having access to millions of dollars of contracts and credit. These men seem nice enough, but should be supervised, have union credentials on, have a City of Chicago official present, or at least one of Mayor Daley consulting engineers present to verify the work. Also, the City of Chicago should verify these workers are making full scale and overtime on Saturdays. If this is the way Mayor Daley and his band of Goons want to run Chicago, at least protect the taxpayers, we need safeguards. I hope this winter when the first bunch of snowplows start destroying this work with a single pass, you remember you knew about it at Chicago Clout. Patching streets is a waste of money. I also want to tell all the businesses on Milwaukee Avenue, think twice when the politicians come around for money next election. I sick of the projects started and not finished in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White Photo on Chicago Clout

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White The City of Chicago was alive with people that understand clout today. This is a very active time for Illinois’s top politicians; decisions need to be made filling posts that can decide the future of the party. The Secretary of State was in the thick of all this and still made time to meet with Judge Anthony Burrell. Preparations were made for additional footage in the upcoming TV shows, “Have Gavel Will Travel”, hosted by Judge Burrell. I witnessed a very inspirational speech by Secretary White that was spellbinding and mesmerizing. I was taken aback because the speech was from the heart and not scripted. Please keep in touch with Chicago Clout and I hope Secretary Jesse White will be able to guest in Judge Burrell’s show. I have become hardened and with many of Illinois’ politicians, but Jesse White is the finest and most respectable in Illinois, and from me that is a compliment. Photo Friday September 11, 2009 by Patrick McDonough

It is nice to see Alderman Robert "Bob" Fioretti with Clout Meister Emery Joe Yost

Chicago Alderman Robert "Bob" Fioretti of the 2nd ward and Emery Joe Yost One of the Alderman I like is Robert “Bob” Fioretti of the Chicago’s 2nd Ward. Robert is a big good looking man and a well known Chicago Attorney. There is much diversity in Chicago’s second ward so you must keep on top of your political game at all times. Today I saw Alderman Fioretti at the Cook County Slating for Democratic candidates. ABC 7 did a great job of covering the event; Charles Thomas is on top of his reporting. I was going to ask Alderman Fioretti to join Emery Joe Yost and join one of Chicago’s most famous political music groups, The Clout Meisters. I got the impression he is much too busy. I am happy to see Chicago Alderman out and about downtown. I am interested in the judicial races this year. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

This is not the last of Chicago Plumbing Inspectors taking bribes.

Developer gets 2 years
A developer was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday after he admitted passing a bribe to a Chicago city plumbing inspector. Beny Garneata, 44, of Lincolnwood, reportedly was hoping for probation or home confinement. Federal prosecutors said Garneata paid off a plumbing inspector $7,000. Thanks to Chicago Sun-Times for this follow-up story. Patrick McDonough

Town Hall Meeting for Chicago Caulkers, Plumbers, and Local 130 members

Chicago Plumber's Local 130 asscrack.jpg Pucker up and get ready to kiss the Plumber’s crack. According to a memo issued by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management personnel, Tom McManus will be present to discuss questions about the contract and other concerns at the Chicago Local 130 Plumbers Hall. The Plumbers Hall is located at 1340 West Washington Chicago Illinois. The meeting is September 10, 2009. Everyone is invited. In typical Local 130 manner, the invitation was not on City or Union letterhead. When you attend tomorrow, make sure you ask what the hell this union has done for your working rights. Ask why the dues are so high. Ask about his family favors while Local 130 members starve. Ask why he still needs a job when mandatory retirement means he should be out of a job and some other slob get the B.A. position. Ask what he does all day and how much money, in total he makes all year. Ask who Local 130 picks up all the legal fees for, while you and your family eat dirt. Then turn around and show these people your version of this picture. And ask for a reduction in union dues, wait for your answer. Ask why Local 130 did not let you vote on the changes in the contract with the City of Chicago. Photo touched up by Patrick McDonough.

City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation needs Safety Review

Chicago City Sweeper.jpg The City of Chicago has a crime ridden Streets and Sanitation Department so bad, Mayor Daley shuffles the high ranking members like a deck of cards. One of the employees today crossed a ward boundary in the afternoon to give me some grief. Streets and Sanitation wards are run by Ward Superintendents usually under the control of the local Alderman. I think this dude is with Alderman Allen and the 38TH Ward goons. Today, he crossed Addison Avenue at about 1:00 PM and started venting about safety issues, safety vests, I think he is very upset with his job and he is upset with the world. As a whistleblower against Alderman Allen and the City of Chicago in general, I get lots of tough guys that want to lull me into a fight and torment me on the job. In the past, guys that made my life miserable were rewarded with overtime, favors, and respect when they verbally assaulted me. Many other acts of random violence occurred on a regular basis. The Street Sweeper is a job that is considered a plum assignment to get you out of the garbage truck. The garbage truck is always hot for the driver, the engine is right under you; it stinks bad, and is a dangerous job. The rumor around the Teamsters was, ring a few doorbells, kiss a little rump, and walla, you are on the Street Sweeper. I tried to find the name of this dude, but Alderman Allen’s staff was not sure, Gregory Von Moser, and his replacement was scared as a cat to talk. This Street and Sanitation Street Sweeper needs to wear a helmet on duty, wear safety glasses, wear his safety vest, wear gloves, wear his seatbelt, and keep the clear plastic deflector for branches up at all times. He might also need to keep in his own ward and stop harassing whistleblowers. If you know what this goon was doing in the 30TH ward today, give me an e-mail, Mayor Daley wants you concentrating. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley's "Carnival Barker" Jacquelyn Heard owns Drug House (reputed)

Jacquelyn Heard Block Rules
If you are a regular of Chicago’s South and Westside, the rules are posted clearly on behavior expected. Most block rules make it very simple and the postings are clear, No Drugs, No gang activity, etc. Well the Heard family made an “investment” in the heart of one of Chicago’s worst crime zones. Ms. Jacquelyn Heard is Mayor Daley’s spin doctor, spokeswomen, and Press Secretary. The timing could not be worse as Chicago Clout and a host of Chicago webmasters have made a full frontal assault on Mayor Daley’s corrupt administration. These actions are destroying Mayor Daley’s greatest dream of being on stage like Hitler during the 1936 Olympics. The story never addresses why a well paid person like Ms. Heard would purchase a building in the hood. See it is one or many reasons, let’s explore. Many landlords like properties in the ghetto because the government pays the rent. Mayor Daley has a corrupt building department that does not inspect these homes; some inspectors take bribes, look the other way, or are afraid to enter this type of neighborhood. My suspicion is simple, most renters in the ghetto pay cash rent. Cash rent can allow a person to have loot on hand to play the part in Daley’s administration. The IRS should look into the accounting of the income claimed on this property. I also think the Federal Government should look into any conflict of interest obtaining property when an official is in a high ranking government job. During the Hired Truck Scandal, illegally obtained cash was revealed for acquiring property in Federal court records. The lesson here is simple; Heard will be covered by Daley because she knows too much. Heard should be fired and use her pension to get her job back like any other city slob with no clout. No matter what happens, the apple does not fall far from the tree, Daley has corrupted not only his city, he has corrupted his staff. Read the directions on your block Ms. Heard, and a freebie from Patrick McDonough, do not go to your investment at night, your type does not belong there. The Heard family property is located at 5319 West Adams. Do you think it was a move to make her the replacement alderman? I hope this lady never speaks ill about another fellow city employee again. Send the Olympic IOC to that hood at night, Daley needs to help the poor. Photo by Patrick McDonough