Patrick McDonough welcomes Cook County Board President Todd Stroger Today

Chicago Clout welcomed Cook County Board President Todd Stroger to a half hour show hosted by Judge Anthony Lynn Burrell to get the facts out as the campaign winds down. President Stroger has been a welcome guest on Chicago Clout before. Thank you to CAN-TV for the wonderful help at getting this show on the air before election time.

5 Replies to “Patrick McDonough welcomes Cook County Board President Todd Stroger Today”

  1. Pat: Are you kidding…Look up CLOUT in the dictionary and you’ll find “Toddler” Strogers picture..this guy is everything you “say” your fighting just lost me as a supporter of yours

  2. What is your hand doing back there Pat? So you are hanging around boys town after all. How’s the float coming? (Response) Enough room for both of us!!!!

  3. Hey all you chumps! I am about to evade all of my illinois taxes. Hahahahahahaha. I just moved to Evanston, so I no longer pay Chicago a dime, and I gas up in Evanston. Now the shocker. Fu%# Illinois if they double state income taxes cause, I am looking for a new place in FLORIDA!!!!!!!!! I will laugh all the way to the bank you chumps. And with the big mess that all the states are in, the crash is coming. We did not dodge anything. The governments can tax and take from us all they want, but that does not mean they are gonna get any new money. People find ways to keep their money. LEGAL WAYS EXIST SO DON”T BE FOOLS. And did you all know that Daleys son PATRICK fled to Russia, where there is no extradition treaty with the US. Don’t believe me? Just Google “Patrick Daley Russia Facebook” !!!!!!!!!!! (Response) I know all about Patrick Daley and he was mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times today. Are they going to follow through in the questioning?

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