4 Replies to “Chicago Clout presents Ask Your Plumbing Inspector February 24, 2010”

  1. Hello Patrick,
    Listen dude, you show with Mr. McGann is ok, somewhat sleepy but still ok, and now you got these “beatniks” Joe and company, whats next youlding, how about some silent music also, rap music is ok too, Come on man you are watering down the show, same boring stuff, “plumbing guys show”
    Put some corruption stuff on let us know what you both know, whats going on with hearings, lawsuits, teamsters, and by the way what happened to Bruce Randazzo, he used to be a regular on your show, whats up with that? Hey Patrick come on man report on some good stuff, news we could use. Is there a strike vote coming from the teamsters? Now that would be news !! would the plumbers honor the strike line? or would you cross the picket if there is one?

  2. Boy Joe and Phil are the two best looking and sounding Beatniks I have ever had the pleasure of hanging with in the studio!

  3. perhaps it is just me however, I dont follow it. Come again? is the significance of this narrative? can somebody please describe it to me. Perhaps it is my bleeched hair acting up but i am fairly bewildered as to the line of reasoning? thnx

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