Mayor Daley's Contractors put crap water on the dead!

Crap water on the dead.jpg Mayor Daley ordered the dead folks at O’Hare removed so his great Airport expansion could continue. On June 26, 2010, Mayor Daley special contractors were dumping waste water on the graves of Chicago dead,, buried and looking for eternal rest. The entire area has hundreds of gallons of dirty and stinky waste water soaking into their gravesites. This has been going on time and time again. I have seen an absolute new low with Daley’s contractors. I caught this contractor several times and nothing is being done. Where is Mayor Daley? Where is the Office of the Inspector General? Photo by Bruce “The Alderman” Randazzo. Who is watching the henhouse?

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  1. City ‘hemorrhaging funds’ due to Fire Dept. overtime
    July 6, 2010 12:19 PM | No Comments
    Overtime pay to dozens of high-level Chicago Fire Department employees soared last year, after Mayor Richard Daley began requiring them to take unpaid furlough days, according to a report released today by the city’s top watchdog.

    In 2009, 50 department employees not covered by the union contract were paid $311,180 in overtime — or nearly 17 times as much as they had in 2008, the report by Inspector General Joseph Ferguson found.

    If the current pace for this year continues, those employees would be paid $765,175 in overtime, the report concluded.

    “The city appears to be hemorrhaging funds due to the liberal and comparatively standardless award of this … overtime pay,” the report stated. “Moreover, there is a direct correlation between the 2009 spike in payment of overtime and the imposition of increased furlough days.”

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