Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Water Management troubles continue

Carvinal Barker Mayor Daley Many people in Chicago are struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to Mayor Daley and his insane desire to sell everything for a quick profit, we will give our children a grim future. Daley continues to lie to the press and the press continues to warn us. One of the greatest problems is the constant promotions to political family members and hacks. One of the positions that make us sick is Alderman Crothers brother. It is great to be the Alderman’s brother, but nutty Daley put a gun and badge in the wrong hands. Daley does not want average citizens with a gun, but this loon carries 24/7? In the rumor mill is the promotion of General Superintendent at the Department of Water Management. The promotion might be reposted because one of the clout dummies did not interview well. The Shakman monitor allows reposting which is a scam. This is a moral buster. Enjoy Daley2011, the City is worse by the minute. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Our last promotional opportunity for Foreman of Electrical Mechanics at Aviation was re-posted three times.

    The first time the testing process was halted for anomalies on the second portion of the examination. The essay type questions did not pass muster with the Shakman Monitor’s office. The bid was thrown out.

    The second time around the process was completed and three candidates competed for the promotion.

    A grievance was filed by an individual from the Heating and Refrigeration Plant claiming he did not see the bid that was posted for the requisite period of time. The City switched over to accepting electronic bids only and some individuals did not know how to use a computer. This bid was thrown out as well.

    The third go around it was apparent that “the fix was in.”

    Questions on the technical portion of the examination heavily favored the two individuals working in the Heating and Refrigeration Plant. The City repeated the interview portion of the examination process claiming that all eight candidates failed the first time.

    The person selected was on the clout list and assigned to the Heating and Refrigeration Plant.

    This individual was being groomed as a straw-boss for four years prior to his selection. He attended meetings frequently with higher ups who later conducted the interviews.

    The institutional discrimination that favors politically connected individuals continues unabated in City of Chicago workplaces.

    The selection process was a grave disappointment to progressive minded individuals who wanted a fair promotional procedure.

    After having the audacity to question the veracity of the promotional procedure, I was selected for a job outside my assigned work location, running pipe through weeds in 90˚ heat.

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