Roberto Maldonaldo does not want you to call 311 until AFTER the campaign

Maldonado service request form ENG 1 Chicago Clout Devon Reid is a fine young man running for Alderman against a well-known Chicago Hispanic Politician. Mayor Daley has transferred a lot of jobs and wealth to these communities because the Hispanic community is sure fire votes. Roberto Maldonado is abusing his position by attempting to persuade folks he is the go to guy. I know he was a go to guy when a couple of water department employees got caught up in theft and Hired Trucks, that was before a much better Office of the Inspector General. I think most Chicago citizens know this silly goose is really sending out campaign flyers. Devon Reid is new to the game, but caught on quick. Remember, after the election, you will not see any more of these flyers. The Hispanic community is fed this junk all the time. Sad. Call 311 not that silly goose Roberto. I covered this in Munoz’s turf a few years back. Patrick McDonough