One Reply to “Michael Volpe Chicago Clout Superstar Host interviews Fred K White, Mayoral Candidate Chicago”

  1. Here’s a secret tip for you Pat. The city is broke right? Everyone expects bigger money problems when Daley is gone right? I am involved in a class action lawsuit against the city involving illegally towed cars. There are 23,000 people in this class action lawsuit. Judson Miner is handling the case. It’s been on the verge of settlement for 2 years now. It has been getting delayed by thge city lawyers but payday is about to happen, they can’t delay much longer. It’s been purposely dragged out for 5 years now. It is gonna cost the city 30 million or more. Then the fire fighters disrimination lawsuit from 1996 payment is got to be paid too. How many other lawsuits has Daley purposely dragged out. SURPRISES ARE COMING!!!!!!! What else is there that we don’t know about. Daley aint running cause he was scared to be beaten by a nobody candidate. His last election he got like 40,000 signatures. How many people walking out of grocery stores would have refused Daleys petition minions with their signature. He was run out of office Pat, no doubt about it. The bills are gonna come due after the mayor is gone. WE TRULY DID DEFEAT THIS DALEY! HE LEFT BECAUSE HE WAS NOT BEING RE ELECTED. IF HE WOULD HAVE RUN, WHEN THE PRESS WOULD FIND OUT ABOUT HIS INABILITY TO GET SIGNATURES, HE WOULD HAVE QUICKLY WEAKENED, AND A NOVICE CANDIDATE WOULD QUICKLY BECOME THE FAVORITE EVERYONE WOULD RALLY AROUND! DALEY IS PUTTING ON AN ACT, HE WANTED THIS JOB FOR LIFE! WE BEAT HIM PAT! HE’S BLUFFING. HE DID HIMSELF IN!!!!!

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