Who makes the money on Daley Plaza's "bikes for rich whites" ?

Daley Plaza Bikes for rent 1.jpg This is a picture of the Daley Plaza with Mayor Daley’s private bike program for rich white folks. I need help on figuring out how you get a private program on public property. I also like the Daley plaza sign on the bike holder. Mayor Daley likes black folks vote, but he will not put one of these bike enterprises in the west or south side of Chicago. I guess Daley does not trust the mexicans or blacks in Chicago. How much money does this make and who benefits? What rent do they pay to use public property? Why is Chicago broke? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Dear God Almighty please help the 46th ward Candidates now.

alderman Helen Shiller.jpg Today was another day for making a small matter a big deal. I received a couple of phone calls on the funny business in the 46th ward. Many of the last elections were great for State Representatives and Chicago Alderman because there was a quid pro quo. The mortgage market was fueled by corruption and false promises by lenders and borrowers alike. The Chicago Alderman allowed changes to the zoning and made many contractors millionaires. Many of those builders have returned back to Europe with the money or are stuck with unfinished buildings. When election times were close, the collection plates were full, intimidating potential rivals. In fact, many wards have a family business in politics which made themselves and their families very wealthy. I was happy to find competition in the 46th ward because of the unprofessional behavior by that ward office today. Simply put, I asked for Ms. Davis at the 46th ward office, identified myself, and she hung up. I was confirming a story about a member of her family. I called back, than her staff kept me on hold for about a half an hour, on purpose, and then a POLICE OFFICER answered. He was told I am harassing Ms. Davis!!! The police officer was very nice, I remembered him from a couple of on the job incidents, I told him I was a member of the press and that was the end of the conversation. I was very glad I had a witness during the entire episode. I think Helen Shiller runs a three ring circus in the 46th ward and the funny business by her staff is very unprofessional. None of her staff would give me their name. If you are a candidate for office in the 46th ward please contact me at Chicago Clout. I got a great story for your campaign literature. A really, really great story!!!

Mayor Richard Daley is not going to run for re-election, Thank God!

harry osterman.jpg The phone rang, the emails came in, and the chickens came out to play today. Ding, dong, the witch is dead. The real fighters should take a bow and get some real deserved credit. The City of Chicago is in real trouble and Daley cannot handle what is next. I said before, it is easy being mayor when the loot is plentiful; it is difficult when the chickens are pecking for scraps. Many of Daley’s management team might walk into a cold reality. Power is a gift many could have used to make a legacy, but many used it for personal gain. Many of the departments in Chicago have been mismanaged for far too long, and now the sores will be exposed. Depending on how you look at this, I say much of Daley’s weariness is due to whistleblowers and scandals. I also give much credit to Fran Spielman. One more year of her grinding down Daley would exhaust anyone. I also think much of the credit goes to the relentless blogs. I also think Tim Novak and the Hired Truck Scandal wiped Daley out. I was on the phone with many of the major players in Chicago deciding what the next step is going to be. I make one thing very clear, incumbents are in lots of trouble. Illinois is bankrupt and many politicians like Harry Osterman are jumping ship. People are mad and things are at a breaking point. I strongly suggest for everyone to run for office. This might be your year. Let freedom ring.

Jay Stone "The Peoples Choice for Mayor of Chicago"

Jay Stone on Chicago Clout This morning was very nice when I met Jay Stone in the 48th Ward of Chicago’s North side. Jay Stone was part of the Shakman Settlement and understood the importance and significance of the ruling. Ben Joravsky one of Chicago’s best Journalist, has written about Jay and his political predictions. Jay has an amazing understanding of Chicago politics. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Jay Stone’s website is http://stoneformayor.com or you can call him at 773.469.2526 I really like this picture of Jay and took some artistic liberty with it. Photo by Patrick McDonough.