3 Replies to “John Garrido Aldermanic Candidate of Chicago's 45th Ward Video on the way”

  1. John Garrido is a rat who is out for himself and nobody else. I would vote for Levar over this POS anyday. Anybody is better than Garrido the RAT!

    Pat, you better do your research before supporting a RAT like this. This guy hurt coppers and will do anything to advance himself.

    This is not someone that I want as a city employee, let alone an Alderman.

  2. OldSchool025, I am a concerned resident of the 45th Ward. These are strong allegations you have made against John Garrido. I have heard similar things from other people particularly police officers but have not heard specifics. Would you mind sharing the details here? I am sure alot of people would be interested in hearing them.

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