Alderman Joe Moore for the 49Th Ward Heartland Cafe Fundraiser

Chicago's Alderman Joe Moore Fundraiser On November 15, 2010, the 49Th Ward held a nice fundraiser for Alderman Joe Moore. The party was at the famous Heartland Café 7000 North Glenwood in Chicago’s Northeast side. I was really happy to see Joe and also met with him very early in the morning downtown. I am certain Alderman Moore was very, very, tired from a long day. It was very nice to see all of his loyal supporters. I watched the video of neighbors in the 49Th Ward working together as a team to solve issues. I do not recommend many Chicago Aldermen’s return to duty, but I do strongly support Alderman Joe Moore. Pictured with Joe Moore are David, Patrick and Michael McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Please reelect Alderman Joe Moore.

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  1. Since you are running for office
    (Response) You are welcome to post comments if you put your name and email on the posting. I can not have hate posted on this site.

  2. You don’t even live in the 49th, what’s the deal here? There are other candidates who have had fundraisers, like Harry Osterman. Why don’t you report that? Oh, I forgot, your running for the 48th. And when are you going to put your face out there about the fact that you’re running for the put everyone else’s face out there.Why are you waiting in the weeds, so to speak? Do you even have a real job or are you an ambulance chaser? (Response) What is the rush for anything in life? Take your time and smell the roses.

  3. PAT…. I guess a man as worldly and wise and experienced as you have already sold all his long term stock investments. The cities and states and governments, and governments around the world are in deep debt with taxes continuing to plummet, and they have to layoff all those do nothing liberal government employees who have huge pensions that will never be paid. And after all those impending government layoffs taxes will only plummet further and further. And the G will lie more and more about the impending numbers.The market is gonna crash again. and if it’s a slow controlled spiral then we are screwed for 10 years or more. When we get out of this morass that is the time to buy loads of these stocks after they have greatly fallen. Then it’s riches holding on to those stocks for another 10 years as they skyrocket. It is gonna get much much worse. Why does Obama keep saying his bailouts and stimulus and tarp prevented a major depression. The bank bailouts prevented a run on the banks but a man as wise as yourself knows that recessions and depressions are controls in the natural cycles of the capitalist system to keep prices somewhat level with the pay scales of the people. So our government says they stopped the runs on the banks, but prices need to re-adjust and that will happen one way or the other. The government lies so much about financial data they can’t be believed anymore. In the early 2000’s when inflation was taking off the government took food and energy prices out of the inflation index.And when unemployment took off a few years ago the government changed the way they compute the un-employment statistics. After a person is unemployed for more than 6 months the G does not count them as unemployed anymore. They used to count them up to 1 year. So the G figures that if something bad is happening in the numbers just change the way they compute the numbers and it will look good again. But you cannot mess with the forces of the markets.It will find an outlet and correct itself regardless of what the G does. The Depression should have hit in the year 2000. After the crash in the market in the late 90’s this big correction was due. But the G kept rates low and lied about the numbers and instead of a much needed correction in 2000 we had a major real-estate boom market. Now we are paying the price double of all that messing around with the economy the G done. it’s interesting to watch what happens.I will survive and you will too I am sure.BUt…….WHAT WILL RAHM EMMANUASL DO? Cause he won’t have a job!!!!!! HEHEHEHhahahahahahahabbbbwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! STOP RAHM (DEAD FISH) EMANUEL. I hope someone has a phone answering machine recording of Rahm swearing up a storm. (Response) I fixed up some of your spelling mistakes. No charge! Thanks for the comments.

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