Danny Davis was bright-eyed and ready to become Chicago's next Mayor

Danny Davis 1.jpg Too bad Chicago’s Media only respects the amount of money a candidate can pump into their coffers. It is time for change in Chicago. Danny David was always a true gentleman towards me and I enjoyed his hellos at Chicago’s CAN-TV. I took this picture at 69 West Washington early this morning. Time to get the debates going and quick. Photo by Patrick mcDonough.

4 Replies to “Danny Davis was bright-eyed and ready to become Chicago's next Mayor”

  1. So Pat you are running for 48th Ward Alderman. (Response) You forgot your name again. Silly goose. What is your issue with Rahm?

  2. Pat……………….

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  3. I am white but voting black for mayor. Why? Well Potty mouth Rahm thinks he won by keeping whites out of mayors race. The solution for those who hate Rahm is vote black. (Response) People voted for Toni Preckwinkle despite the fact she is black. Rahm is attempting to keep the status quo. The City of Chicago is bankrupt and in dire straights.

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