Pictures from The Chicago Catholic Charities Thankgiving 2010

Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Rev. Wayne Watts, and Rev. James Meeks Chicago I was happy to see some 2010 mayoral candidates at The Catholic Charities Thanksgiving event at 721 North LaSalle Street in Chicago yesterday. November 25, 2010 was a happy time for many of Chicago’s homeless living in the mean streets of Chicago. My entire family enjoyed helping in the spirit of giving. I was very proud of my children and their unselfishness. It really made me feel so much better to be part of this event. Many people are out on the streets due to foreclosures and the reduction of public giving. I think Father Wayne Watts, one of Chicago’s own and a reverend at Saint John Berchmans in Logan Square should be honored for all he did at the event. His enthusiasm was evident the entire time. I also had a chat with Wallace “Gator” Bradley and the Reverend James Meeks. James Meeks is running for Mayor of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Wallace gator Bradley, Hmmm that name rings a bell,, Is that the guy who walked away clean without getting indicted in operation headache in the mid 90’s? Is that the same gator that promotes gangster disciple gang lifestyle via his facebook wall? Same gator that made a racist flier on behalf of the stroger campaign? Meeks should distance himself from the rep tile….

  2. Another picture of the H…..? Wow, now we know where you stand Mcdonough and you’re running for alderman? Guess I know what to expect from you. (Response) Adam, thanks for posting on Chicago Clout. Please do not spread hate thinking it will help your candidate in the Aldermanic race. You are not doing anyone a favor. You can post things and make your point. I think the candidate you support is a very nice person and a class act. This is a race about issues and everyone needs a debate at long last. Please do not hurt a good candidate’s effort. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I’m talking about a picture YOU took of a man (Meeks) who is a H…….(Gay hater) and YOU know it! Why not put the whole word on your site, I wrote the word not the letter. You put this picture up so explain why you would post the picture of a man who clearly hates and is against gay people? As a person running for alderman, I would think you wouldn’t want to offend ANYONE, unless, of course, you agree with Meeks. Another thing, you should stop pretending this isn’t your website, that other people run it even though your name is front & center. Just what is your stand? Maybe you’ll just use this site as a means to hide and not admit what you stand for. All I know is, it doesn’t look very good for you right now. (Response) Did Mayor Daley of Harry Osterman give you the right to marry yet? Did Jan?

  4. (Response) Did Mayor Daley or Harry Osterman give you the right to marry yet? Did Jan?

    But they don’t hate gay people, that’s the diference.

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