A long and wonderful day at the Chicago Boat Show January 14, 2011

Chicago Boat Show 2011 If you have this weekend open, take the family to McCormick Place and enjoy the Chicago Boat Show. I would like to thank Coleen managing the Press Department. This show is smaller in size and more “one on one”. Some of the shows in the past were far too large and making the time pick right boat was not always possible. I was told boat manufactures are moving boats but the profit margin has dropped. If you want a boat or entertain your family this show is worth it. One of the best highlights of the Show was Michael Schieb of Pine Crest Marine. Michael is one of the best boat salesmen in the industry hands down. I bought a boat from him and he always remembers his customers as if you are family. Michael is a class act. If you are looking for a Mastercraft, Crownline, Chaparral, or Godfrey boat, call Mike at (219) 374-5771. Camping World had some nice RVs. USAdventureRV was a nice set-up. I really liked the excellent sales personnel at Nielsen Enterprises. I liked Glen Justice of Mad Mariner Magazine. Final Finish Boat Works look good. This is the type of show where you can get away and have some personal free time. One of the biggest hits was some sort of a dog show. Nifty contests with dogs in the water and doing tricks. I need to do a story on McCormick Place soon. I guess I just cannot get away from the office. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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