One Reply to “Get your Rahm for Mayor Poster at Chicago Clout. Show all your friends!”

  1. Hide your dogs and take out your tampons… the fix is in!

    “Even Bo, the Obamas’ dog, was a recipient of Rahm’s rage. “A few weeks after the first family got a dog, Rahm Emanuel ripped into Bo, whose household accidents were consuming valuable presidential time in cleanups. Alter reports Rahm sayi…ng, “I’m going to kill that f***ing dog. In one meeting with a male staffer, Rahm yelled: “Take your f***ing tampon out and tell me what you have to say.”

    It’s bad enough that Rahm is a behind-the-scenes bully and crude potty-mouth. But I am truly offended by men who equate womanhood with cowardice. Does Rahm talk like that at home, to his son, in the presence of his wife and daughters?”

    Rahm proves that even with a $10.5 million dollar war chest you can buy the Illinois Supreme Court with… money CAN’T buy you class.

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