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  1. Recent Radio Poll Gives Mayoral Nod To Watkins

    Chicago – With less than a week to go before Chicago’s mayoral election, a recent radio station poll reveals underdog candidate and community activist, Dr. Patricia Van Pelt Watkins as the overwhelming choice.

    The on-air poll at WBGX-AM 1570 was conducted over a three-week period from late January to mid-February. The poll surveyed more than 300 loyal and mostly African-American female listeners of the Harold Davis Show, heard three days a week on WBGX.

    According to Davis, “Ninety-five (95%) of those questioned said they definitely would vote for Watkins.”

    When told about the results of the “informal” poll, a visibly pleased Watkins said, “It just shows that women in Chicago, especially African-American women, trust me to fight for their interest as their mayor.”

    Watkins added, “The thing that impresses me most about this poll is that the listeners boldly and publicly stated their support for me, live over the radio, with God and the whole world listening. That’s affirming and it provides real hope for my campaign as we approach Election Day next Tuesday.”

    As a faith-based station, WBGX-AM has one of the largest audiences of African-American females between 25 and 45 years of age in the greater Chicago broadcast market.

    Davis says he believes that this small, but personal poll is “Very significant because it shows that this crucial segment of African-American voters really identifies with Dr. Watkins.”

    Nearly every poll conducted during this mayoral campaign highlights the importance of the African-American vote as the “make or break factor” in who eventually wins. African-American female voters are seen as pivotal in that equation.

    Although she has trailed in most mayoral polls, Dr. Patricia Van Pelt Watkins recently told her supporters, “We are not about to be counted out.”

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