Capital Fax with Rich Miller important news for Chicago Clout fans

*Claimants: nearly $12 million
*The monitor and her firm's attorneys: just over $5 million
*The monitor's consultants: nearly $2 million
*Plaintiff Michael Shakman and his attorneys: about $4.5 million
*The city's primary outside law firm, Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker, Levin and Tominberg, Ltd.: just over $1 million.
Shakman's firm is doing a pretty brisk business.
Most folks in the political field like to take a look at Capital Fax by Rich Miller. His website is one of the best, if not the best in Illinois. The layout is professional and is easy to crank through. Today I was taking a peek and found these startling numbers post above. If you do the math, you can come to a basic fundamental conclusion, the City of Chicago employees were entirely ripped off. Most of the money went to the lawyers. I still think the public was grossly shortchanged because Daley never really changed anything. Promotions are just a clouted as ever. While the Office of the Inspector General is overlooking these changes, they still approve the promotions despite complaints. Many of the promotions are lacking a proper interview. If you crunch the numbers, the money and time expended by the individual department's legal teams was not included. The additional expenses from other law firms are missing. I assure you some creative bookkeeping continues. Maybe someday, Chicago will get a fair reporting of the Cities books. Chicago is the next Enron, just wait and see. I would like to see some of the Chicago newspapers step to the plate. I let the Shakman Monitor have a piece of my mind today. It looks like they are as bad as Daley. What did we expect? I also heard they are looking for immunity. I suggest you sue them before they leave town. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Its transition time at Chicago Clout..from blaming all of life problems on Daley to blaming Rahm (Response) Rahm is a Daley puppet. He is here for Obama and the re-election. Rahm is in Chicago to fatten his friends pockets. Chicago is left broke from Daley and his goons. Rahm gets the crumbs and maybe the blame.

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