T.V. Star Joe Ferguson of the Office of the Inspector General Floored

Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson.jpg
The Chicago Inspector General and T.V. star Joe Ferguson eyes must have bugged out after hearing the news that a clout family is involved in a prostitution sting. Joe was appointed by Rich Daley a political thug that has the city of Chicago on the verge of bankruptcy. At last count, Judge Michael J. Hood, appointed by State of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, will need to look the other way when the Tierney family walks into court May 29, 2015. An appearance was files May 24, 2015. I think Judge Michael J. Hood should make sure he has no conflict with the tax free Judge makers in Illinois. Chicago’s Inspector General Joe Ferguson has done nothing to protect the ladies at the water department yet. Joe likes chasing low hanging fruit and losing in court when challenged. We need to remove Joe Ferguson and get a real Inspector general that will run an OIG that we can be proud of. Less T.V. and more crime fighting. Also Joe Ferguson latest T.V. appearance on “Chicago Tonight” was a blatant political stunt to reelect Rahm Emanual. Please see attached documents.Brian P Tierney Certified Statement of Conviction Disposition.pdf