Former State of Illinois Inspector ready to test Lead in your Chicago Drinking Water

Many folks are very concerned about the lead in the drinking water in Chicago. We at ChicagoClout will provide expert witnesses as to the ways the lead has purposely been put into the drinking water in Chicago. We will provide expert testimony and provide existing sworn testimony as to the way the Department of Water Management willfully violated laws that have adversely affected your family’s health.

We will provide testimony that will show the Department of Water Management retaliated against whistleblowers and stopped water from being properly inspected by Chicago Plumbing Inspectors. We will also show the way Chicago has been testing water to avoid giving an honest result which would have given results with a positive lead result.

We will also show how the promotions have been given to insiders not licensed or qualified to make decisions that affect your life and wellbeing. Please contact and we will provide a lead test that is Calibrated to the EPA standard for lead. Our test procedures document the correct way for an honest result. Every person making the test is a State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector that has been a former employee of the Department of Water Management. There is no charge for those that can not afford the test!!!