Chicago Water Department Racists Paul Hansen

As a current City of Chicago Employee, I can testify the outrageous behavior at the City of Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is again passing the buck because his office has received many letters laying out the anti-black behavior. Much of the racism was covered up by the water department lawyers. Investigations went nowhere. Most were, Non-founded”. The investigation took months and years. Most people involved looked the other way.
In the North District, many of the emails were also sent to Paul Hansen’s hand chosen foreman and hydrant, and specialty crews.
Luci Pope-Cozzi-Anderson, a clout heavy commissioner was seen at Paul Hansen’s North District Office for closed door cover-ups and email deletion parties. She is part of the cover-up. Luci was dating many Department of Water Management employees and made many promotions in quick order for her current husband Andy Anderson. The O.I.G. considered this and found nothing wrong. (Joe Ferguson is an idiot). The many private meetings between Luci Pope-Cozzi-Anderson fueled rumors of her and Hansen the next big item. Luci also visited Paul to be closer to home at quitting time.

Paul wrote up people to cover-up for his criminal activities. All his write ups must be deleted from peoples records. It was used to keep blacks down.

Paul Hansen was always a problem at the water department. His behavior is rude, full of lies, spiteful, and downright evil. He always got away with physical fights. Calling women “bitches” was par for the course. One black women was of interest to Paul and after failed advances, was sent to the Central District. Paul would drive into the yard with his massive SUV in a cloud of dust. He probably thought this was cool. He left in a cloud of dust when removed from work May 4, 2017. The incident of an assault of an old man punched till he passed out was covered up. Paul assaulted a young mother on Halsted Street and the entire report was sent to the Mayor’s office and the Inspector General, nothing was done. Reports of racism and rude behavior was covered up by Joe Ferguson for years. Now Joe wants credit to a problem he allowed to fester.

Several years ago, I talked to Alderman Tunney, and he took credit for Paul’s promotions despite Shakman rules. The water department was installing an new water main for Rahm Emanuel so Rahm kept his mouth shut.

We will release proof of all my claims when the media is done with the story.

The Department of Water Management should immediately promote a black Superintendent at the north district and fire Luci Pope Cozzi with her husband Andy Anderson. Chicago Clout has made many FOIA requests years ago into Paul Hansen and it unveiled Paul working with 44th ward staff on city time with city equipment. FOIA officer Gary Litherland also blocked many FOIA request to cover up for Paul. Fire Gary Litherland for his constant lies and cover-ups. Clean up the department and promote blacks that deserve it. Enough is Enough. The water department also needs to investigate their unfair treatment of injured workers. More on that soon.

Next time you hear blacks turning on Fire Hydrants, you will never hear again the “Monkees and the Ni$%ers are at it again”.