The Chicago Mayoral Race begins and the “Dead Horse” drops out.

Rahm Emanuel afraid of his upcoming defeat dropped out. Rahm Emanuel from the day he was handed the mayoral reins, acted like a cocky little weasel and had the Chicago press under his control. I fought this loon getting on the ballot tooth and nail, as Chicago objector 007. The insiders bent the law so a clown with a few boxes in his rented basement home could run for mayor. Now that Donald Trump is president, and every major deal is tanking, Rahm bowed out. Funny how this clown that loved the trappings of power, the cars, the guards, the wheeling and dealings said it was time.

When we followed the petition takers for Rahm, the voters walked away. No one was signing Rahm’s petitions. Rahm realized and dropped out.


The Chicago media wrote story after story about their concerns. The Chicago media fails to realize the utter destruction Rahm has made upon Chicago. Rahm was setting up another golden parachute deal with bond work and that fell through. The deal in China fell through as Rahm embarrassed himself asking for support for his upcoming election. The Chinese knew Rahm was asking for political donations and was denied. Rahm’s mini-posse cost Chicago taxpayers almost a million dollars for their deal-making.


Rahm has always loved being ‘the man” with all the trappings of power. Fancy suits, providing jobs, promotions, and wonderful contracts for those that understand, “pay to play”.


Rahm loved being “King of Chicago”. All the attention fed his massive ego. One of Rahm’s biggest tricks was shaking people’s hands he hated, then tickling the person’s hand with his missing finger to get a reaction. Creepy. I never did like Rahm since before he was mayor, I do not like appointed leaders that lack humility. Often a phony cry would sell the public, but I knew better.


Rahm Emanuel promises to work his tail end off until the finish of his term. He will be missed at the airport jetting all over the world. Rahm will miss all the attention. Rahm will be able to spend more time with his half but will find a way to have the public foot the bill. It is in his D.N.A.


Rahm Emanuel screwed many workers that were promised promotions if they would get his petitions signed. Workers at the Department of Water Management were slammed as their gravy train is falling over the broken bridge. A massive management transition will be on its way soon. Better start saving your money. The new candidates have their hands full. Chicago is broke, and Rahm is to blame. Eight years of prancing like a pony fooled many people, but every dog gets his day. Watch your wallet Chicago, Rahm knows how to charge for his time.



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