Robert “Bob” Swiech Union Teamster Passed Away

Dear Robert “Bob” Swiech Family. We at Chicago Clout are sad at the passing of your wonderful husband and father and Union Man and Teamster and Chicago Employee, and Harley Man and an American, and a Carpenter, and all American badass. When I first met Robert, he would be in his truck at work, always on time, always professional, and always safe. Robert stayed away from the nonsense and took pride in his work. After we worked together more, he told me about his daughter Stephanie and her acting ability. Robert and his wife Jill went to the CAN-TV studios and his daughter recited a long-acting part from a play. What a memory! Robert and Jill were so proud!! I was really surprised when Robert told me at work, “The F-ing FA-6 and stone is killing me”. Robert would be on job sites and at the Sunnyside Yard and kept breathing the limestone. He told me he is coughing up a white paste and I saw it in his hand. As more time passed, Robert had a more difficult time breathing and he left the Chicago Department of Water Managment. Robert told the folks at work and Alderman Burke and the Committee on Finance said his illness is not work-related. Robert finally did a video on Youtube called “Robert Swiech calls out Alderman Burke and the Committee on Finance”. Please watch. Prior to that video and past that time Robert wanted to warn his fellow city workers about this deadly backfill. Robert could hardly breathe and suffered for years. He did so bravely, I am certain he never wanted his wonderful family to watch his slow demise. Robert has a set of pipes on him and could crush anyone. Robert was born on August 27, 1955. Robert is the beloved husband of Jill, father of four, Crystal (late) Jennifer, Robert, and Stephanie. He has three grandkids, Neal Jr, Carter, and faith. I can attest, no man ever loved a wife more than Robert. Robert will always be in the hearts of every City of Chicago Department of Water Managment employee. Rest in peace brother, you are the best. Love Patrick McDonough. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Thank you Pat for a beautiful tribute to my husband ,my hero, Robert SwiechSr. I miss him so much everyday is a challenge for me and our kids everything you had said about him is so true. He was my strength . I believe in my ❤️ he still is we love you

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