Will Alderman Burke give up Emanuel?

Many folks are wondering what the F.B.I. has on Alderman Burke. I have been asked what I know. I do know if I spill the beans on the good stuff, I can help Burke prepare for court. I do know, people like Jay Stone, have spent years preparing for the Burke F.B.I. raid. That I do know. I do know Burke has bent and broken every rule to benefit himself and his crooked friends. Burke has looked at the City of Chicago as an open piggy bank and paid him in more envelopes than campaign contributions.

For several years, Chicago Clout has posted information on Alderman Burke. Prior to my injuries and dealing with the Committee on Finance and the Finance Department, I have had many calls from injured City Workers getting jammed up by COF employees scamming cripples to benefit the city. People were forced touse their own insurance, and the Insurance companies were not paid back. This is called insurance fraud. Alderman Burke was a regular at St. Peters in downtown Chicago going to the back room to cut deals with Mercy Works. Many people will never know the extent this rat had his teeth sunk into.

Alderman Burke is the king of organized crime in Chicago. Burke had a loyal army of people that tied up campaigns, filed bullshit complaints against possible challengersin campaigns. Burke ran the judge’s races involving Plumbers’ Local 130 and the“Judge makers”. Burke got away with this because they were ducking Federal taxes by paying campaign workers and signature gathers with cash. Judge’s campaign consultants and insiders worked out of P.O. Boxes. Again, no 1099 for anyone. Many of these workers were given city, county, and state jobs instead.

Burke controlled all lawsuits against the City of Chicago. Many Workers Compensation lawsuits are not settled because of the fraud at the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. Arbitrators allow Chicago to stop paying injured workers and starving them into minor settlements.  Many high-profile Law firms put up with Burke, so they would be paid, and their cases would not be dragged on for years and years.

Right now, Burke is asking Alderman Austin to tie up a proposal to relieve him of his Chairs. Burke like being called Chairman Burke. Burke has one option to save himself and that is to give up Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel and Burke have carved up lots of contracts and payments. Funny how Emanuel is upset that high-ranking members of his staff refuse to blow the whistle on corruption. Nothing changes, and Emanuel will always take revenge on the Whistleblower. Please review years and years of post on Chicago Clout. Thank you Chicago F.B.I.

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