Rahm Emanuel puts his Pal in cushy job at Department of Water Managment

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has again directly interfered with promotions at the Chicago Department of Water Management. Going over the bald head of Randy Connor, the Commissioner, Rahm Emanuel ordered John Pope, the former Alderman that was voted out, to take a real job after hiding at the Department of Water Management making $125,000.00 per year to sit around and take orders from the entire crew that was just fired due to the Paul Hansen racist emails that rocked the Water Department.

John Pope might need to brush up on safety laws and rules, workers compensation rules, and try to control the personnel department and the Committee on Finance. John knows nothing about safety, trench safety, crushing injuries, medical reports. According to my sources in the Inspector General’s Office, this is another perfect example of Rahm Emanuel breaking his promise to the Federal Judge when the Shakman Accord was finally over.

According to Frank Coconate, a former Safety Specialist with the Department of Water Management, a powerful boss that ran the Safety Department is completely irreplaceable. The gentleman that ran the Safety Division was well respected in the street, workers were very cooperative, and the Safety Department numbers were getting in line with the outside contractors, or better. It was an amazing transformation at the Water Department to hire a competent leader. The former leader of the Department was Edward Lefevour and according to the Commissioner’s Office he left suddenly.

Ralph Chiczewski, the commissioner of safety was completely unable to handle the position. Now the taxpayers are going to pay Ralph Chiczewski and John Pope over $250,000.00 , plus benefits and water department cars to take home to do the last guys job. These two clowns supervise three employees. WTF. When I asked my connection at Commissioner Connor’s office what they are doing, they stated Ralph Chiczewski can not do the job because he steps into the Jardine Plant late every day. Ralph is collecting a nice juicy police pension and hides Rahm Emanuel’s private contractors from prying eyes.

In another reputed scam, Julie Hernandez-Tomlin had private security work done at her home and the contractor does a massive amount of work at the Jardine Plant. Photos were sent to law enforcement. Julie did not pay a penny for her security upgrades. Somehow, the taxpayers are going to pay for the parts and labor, with an additional bill made to the Jardine Plant. Remember, Julie reputedly used Courtesy Electric for her needs.

Special thanks to Rahm Emanuel for promoting his friends to jobs they are not capable of doing.

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