Luis ” Pretty Boy” Arroyo busted, his son next.

Luis Arroyo Department of Water Management Hero

Luis Arroyo made his chops at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He also made his name as an Illinois State Representative. While at the Department of Water Management making a large salary, Luis was best known as Donald “the convict” Tomczak’s doorkeeper. How the heck Luis got away with the Hired Truck program and the contracts at the Department of Water Management can only be answered by Mike Madigan, Alderman Ed “slimeball” Burke, and the Chicago Inspector General. It was a really nice run doing little except making deals while at the Chicago Water Department while taking a large easy job as State Rep. I had the heat on his ass for a while, but I had a nice relationship with him and let some things slide. We had some pictures with him when he called for service at his office. I agreed to lay low. His luck ran out on him.

With all the dough he had, I surprised he was looking for some peanuts. Luis is on the Illinois transportation committee with DOWM alumni John “Hired Truck” D’Amico and DOWM new star Jawaharial Williams. Wait for all Department of Water Management employees and State Representatives? Yes.

Funny as it seems, Luis really hosed his son, Luis “say nothing” Arroyo Jr., the current Cook County Commissioner. Ole Junior left his job as an office statue at the North District truck drivers at the Water Department. What a great job, pulling your pud all day while everyone else works their ass off. Now that pops is fucked, Commissioner Conner better make some room back at the North District. The Puerto Rician political powerhouse is doomed. Lori Lightfoot keeps many Illinois State Representatives on the City payroll full time. These goons make piles of money. John D’Amico just retired from the Department of Water Management after banging the taxpayers for 30 plus years. Amazing. Hidden at the Jardine Plant. Come into work, take a city SUV, sedan, and then vanish. D’Amico, you think you can slip away from the kid? You got court soon.

Luis, Luis, Luis, you got away with murder for a long time. You also screwed my homeboy and childhood friend Mr. Munoz. You forgot where you came from and forgot your homeboys at the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.

Please look forward to John D’Amico and the Sandoval scams. John C. D’Amico should return all the ComEd dough. Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Payback is a bitch. The transportation scandal is hitting home, Mr. Conner. Duck, Duck, Goose.

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