Workers Compensation Reform bought off by thugs

Recently the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission including the Chairman of the Commission, a duly – appointed political appointee by Governor Pritzker backpedaled and reversed itself related to providing coverage to the working men and women of the state that were exposed to COVID 19 in the course and performance of their work duties and who sustained an injury, illness or death as a result of said exposure. This included first responders as well as essential public workers responsible for providing critical services. Since Mayor Lightfoot was flat-footed in the initial response the presumption of prima facie evidence of exposure as the result of being required to go to work would have fallen on the employer, in the cities case-Mayor Lightfoot who allegedly grossly failed to provide adequate PPE to many front line employees. The IWCC chose not to appeal a lower court decision which revered the IWCC decision as initially supported by Governor Pritzker, to find COIVD 19 Exposure in the workplace as compensable. The IWCC stipulated that it would be a cost burden to appeal the lower court decision. As a result, those employees that are exposed and who suffered a tort can litigate in the civil court. This will place a tremendous expense and prolonged period to seek remedies. Unless pressured by insiders or newspapers and media, the City of Chicago Corporation counsel plays the “rope a dope” for years to starve out those seeking justice.

As the COVID 19 Quarantine has been extended by Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker litigation to challenge the most recent extension by the Governor who is drunk with power. In one instance a ruling in favor of a downstate legislator in a Republican District was granted a Temporary Restraining Order by a Circuit Court Judge to be exempt from the quarantine and the judge ruled in his favor and against the Governor, The Governor called it a political ploy but it appears the dam is breaking. Another State legislator closer to home-in the Rockford area has filed a similar complaint but has asked the court to enjoin/include all of the citizens of the state as part of a class. Pritzker is hoping to get this case to the Democratic Controlled Illinois Supreme in a legal attempt to reverse the Clay County Circuit court ruling. His race might be moot-as the US Supreme Court has asked the state of Pennsylvania to provide within a week, a written reason why that state with the Governor’s imposed quarantine has allegedly violated numerous constitutional rights afforded United States Citizens in that state. Based on the response by the state the US Supreme Court could rule the quarantine a violation of United States Citizen’s legal Rights.  In Michigan legally armed protestors have once again descended on that states Capital in protest of the Democratic Governor’s draconian restrictions related to that states quarantine and restrictions during the COVID 19 pandemic. The point of this is that Lightfoot and Pritzker have trampled on the Constitutional Rights of citizens and now citizens are pushing back and asserting their God-Given Constitution Rights afforded each legal citizen.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Illinois and the Mayor of Chicago are crying broke and might very well be facing bankruptcy. Their collective failures managing and governing the City and State, now in their warped minds, make it incumbent on the Federal Government to bail-Out the City and State. President Trump said he would consider a bailout only if those so-called Sanctuary Cities and States reversed course and stopped providing legal protections to illegal aliens. Looks like Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker are boxed in on many fronts. Let’s see how this plays out for them.

Fresh Update: the Illinois Workers” Compensation Commission is reworking the entire order to avoid any more challenges the next time Governor Pritzker attempts to change policy. Pritzker was beyond pissed when this embarrassing loss was exposed. Well when you have Bruce Rauner leftovers at the IWCC, you will get your ass handed to you. I will have more information on this issue. Other IWCC complaints were brought to the attention of Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller. Mayor Leroy Lightfoot is turning into a full-blown reformer. SAD but true. We all know what a bum Alderman “Edwarts” Burke is, but at least he tried to get protection for Chicago frontline workers. The future jailbird is looking for friends before he gets into the pokey.

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