Lori Lightfoot shows she “has the belly” to CPS teachers

Mayor Lori Lightfoot in a swimsuit showing her belly

It has been said in public by Chicago School Teachers and the CPS Union that Mayor Leroy Lightfoot does not have the belly to keep Chicago Schools shut down. This picture proves Lightfoot has the belly and more.

Let me explain. Lightfoot knows she must open the schools to get to the millions of spending that would curtail. CPS has many contractors that use “pay to play” as the secret recipe to financial success. Contractors pay hundreds of thousands to politicians, the cook county democrat party, and money is filtered to the Biden presidential election. Every politician knows gift cards are exchanged for change orders, and overbilling is split with the CPS Administration. There is no way Lightfoot would refuse to keep the schools closed.

Chicago Teachers are going to walk into a killing field. We know the schools are dirty.

We know the kids come from working class homes and parents are not practicing accepted Personal Protection standards.

Chicago Teachers will get this poison in their system and spread it from teacher to teacher. In the schools nothing was done when we exposed fecal matter in the domestic water supply. The fecal matter is also on doorknobs and drinking fountains will Covis-19 spread from kid to kid. When you are in the middle of Chicago Streets, you can smell the feces in the air. And you think covid-19 is not spreading? Get real.

When Chicago Department of Water Management employees were infected by COVID-19 they were paid to sit at home. They were told not to file workers’ compensation claims. Commissioner Conner is still allowing unsafe working conditions and the Covid-19 has killed City Workers. Just because the Chicago newspapers stopped writing about it does not mean the death plague is not here. And those that do suffer from this Covid-19 will always have it in their system till they die. Chicago will not pay your medical bills and your family will die with you.

Stay at home teachers, you are educated enough to figure this out. We have great stories about City workers lives in ruin. Death and destruction from the way Lori Lightfoot and her lawyers starve injured workers. Lori’s fine suits cannot hide the evil underneath. Save yourself and your family.

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