Lori Lightfoot cover-up to cost millions: Rahm 2

Mayor Lori Lightfoot prepares to throw Chicago police under the bus because of her own actions. Chicago Police raided Anjanette Young because they were told to. Simple. Chicago City workers are the puppets of the current fool mayor and most people in power were leftovers from Rahm Emanuel’s administration. Lori should have relied on that freak monster to help her clear house and return integrity to Chicago.

Lori Lightfoot has done nothing to improve the quality of management in Chicago. Her weakness her failure to fire leaders that are leftovers. When SHTF with Anjanette Young, Lori failed to give this lady the attention she deserved. Chicago failed to right this wrong and hope it would be swept under the rug.

In most cases, Chicago lawyers pay off workers compensation lawyers and they leave their clients under the bus. Chicago lawyers misuse taxpayer’s money to starve injured victims on a regular basis. Chicago media has taken a back of the bus approach because they refuse to offend the very first freak show, weirdo, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-bigender mayor and friends. Several years ago, Rahm covered up for a vicious attack on three Chicago City workers, sent to investigate a basement flooded in the Chicago Northwest side. Those workers are still waiting for medical bills to be paid and their workers’ compensation settlements.

Lori found out the Commissioner of the Department of Water Management was involved in a hit and run. Lori was ordered to shut up and keep her mouth shut from a black aldercreature.

You can not fix Chicago was the same old inbred freaks running Chicago. Until the lawsuits come out of the workers personal checking account, things will never change. If City lawyers make kickbacks from farmed out law firms and City Lawyers get gift cards every Christmas, nothing will change. Look at Alderman Burke still floating around making deals and still has all his clowns controlling workers compensation.

Many Chicago City Workers feel the pain of Anjanette Young, are hurt and embarrassed. But most City workers know the same political hacks will control the decisions and still retaliate against those that expose the corruption. Just remember, many in Chicago media want to paint this as a bunch of white guys looking at a black woman with no clothes on, most Chicago Cops want to get home alive. Most Chicago Cops do not want to be in the hood. Most Chicago Cops want to eat doughnuts, laugh, and joke with their comrades. Most Chicago cops want to park on a side street and watch videos. The lack of control in the ghetto by Lori Lightfoot has turned Chicago Cops into paranoid freaks that must endure an ignorant public. Do you want to see the aftermath of a gang shooting? Chicago Police clean these messes up every day.

Lori’s agenda for the last year was to promote gays with no bid contracts, build a T.V. studio with private and taxpayer money, become a talk show freak, advertise herself. Lori spent the entire year hanging around the bozo circus set. She wants to be the queen of the freaks. At least she did that. The same people that made Lightfoot are turning against her. She is doomed. But start fundraising to save her own fat ass.

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