Chicago Water Department are not cops. Where is the PERK Card Lori?

On April 21, 2021, the City of Chicago continues to misuse the Chicago Department of Water Management trucks and workers to play policeman. Chicago is a nightmare thanks to Inspector General Joe Ferguson, still allowing Mayor Lightfoot to misuse her office to promote her racial and political agenda. The Chicago Water department employees are sitting ducks in case crazy negroes and retarded BLM agents decide to storm the Chicago beaches. I really doubt the #BLM protestors are going to allow trucks stop them since you can easily walk past them. I really doubt BLM protestors will go to Chicago museums to start trouble.

According to top Union officials. Lightfoot made an agreement with two Chicago Unions to provide labor if they provide her with donations to the democrat party and her reelection campaign. Pay to play rules Chicago. It always will.

Lori Lightfoot always controls the message; She is still refusing to honor FOIA requests. Lori is a commie and a failure. Biden is using national taxpayer money so Lori can have her political message sent everywhere.

Pleasse note, everyone of these workers did a great job and were attentive. They worked smart and safe. They did as ordered.

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