Is Mayor Lori Lighhtfoot grooming young women?

Two ugliest humans in Chicago

It is sad to see Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her manly partner attempt to groom young persons about lesbian life. Could you imagine if Mayor Richard Daley strutted around in a macho costume? Could you imagine the former Mayor Richard Daley talking about the city’s problems and blaming the media for giving him a hard time about “Hired Trucks” because he liked the ladies? Could you imagine if Rahm Emanuel blamed the Chicago media bias against his handling of the Laquan McDonald cover-up because he prefers manly-looking women?

Lori flouts her sexuality because she is ashamed about it. Lori uses it as a tool to keep the left-leaning Chicago media from exposing the corruption that is far worse than ever.

The Chicago media will wake up and aggressively report the news on the fake contracts and insider dealing destroying Chicago. Your sexuality does not belong on any political stage. I will never vote for someone based on their private adult consenting actions. I know for a fact many encounters with CPS teachers and students are hidden regularly.

We can not allow the grooming of Chicago’s young to pedophiles and weirdos. We are exploring the legal problems of filming Chicago youth that wishes to tell their stories. God save Chicago. Lets Dump Lightfoot, once is enough.

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