Mayor Harold Washington Remembered with Love

Mayor Harold Washington was a great Mayor. He was not a great Mayor because he was black. Harold was a great Mayor because he knew how to rule and how to keep his class under pressure. Thanks to Mayor Washington, Gerald Sullivan Local 130 Business Manager, and others, Michael J. McDonough became a Plumbing Inspector with the City of Chicago. I named a son after him. I remember my father on the phone explaining he has a massive knee issue. Back then Local 130 helped its members. My father worked in the trenches for years, wiping lead joints. He worked in the freezing cold and violent heat. He was able to raise eight children and continue to work, thanks to the dignity of Harold Washington.

My father was the first white City of Chicago employee to work for Harold Washington’s campaign. My father wore a Harold Washington button to work at the City of Chicago Water Department at 4900 West Sunnyside. My father had his entire family work for Harold’s campaign.

Harold was a great person inside. Harold had the spirit inside.

So, when you see an evil racist like Mayor Lori Lightfoot try to attach herself to his dignity, to win reelection, don’t be fooled. We at are going to flex our muscles in this election. Mayor Lori is sending out racist emails attaching herself because she thinks pretends Mayor because Harold paved the way for her. I think Lori is a slob. Lori got on board because she promised to open the government. Wait until you see what is in store for this election. Backed by facts. Lori may have a large Dick, but no brains.

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