Phony Photographer ?

At the last Irish American Heritage Center Fund Raiser, a gentleman that portrayed himself as a staff photographer for the Chicago Tribune fell down the steps on the way home. Please be alerted some people attempt to be “Media Types”, and they are not. The Media I.D. was returned to the Chicago Tribune Staff and judged to be a fake. So watch who takes your picture and their motive might not be as good as you think. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Department Shoring Update

Chicago Water Department Safety Improvements.jpg
Patrick McDonough arrived on a very deep and dangerous excavation in need of shoring (July 12, 2006). The Project is for Sergio & Banks. You know Alderman Banks nephew. The site was at 21 East and 19 East 26th Street right by the El tracks.
Upon arrival to make water main taps, The Plumbing Contractor had no shoring in the ditch. I alerted Paul Montes, who alerted Mr. LoVerde, the Central District Superintendent, and the contractor was ordered to install shoring. In only twenty minutes the ditch was shored and Mr. Angel Gonzalez, a highly respected District Foreman showed up to make sure everything was safe and sound. These were dangerous and difficult taps and the job was performed to perfection by Patrick McDonough, Chicago’s greatest Plumber and John Hickey, Chicago’s greatest laborer. The ditch was eight foot deep, but due to the shoring, and the skilled Chicago Employees, the job went complete in a safe and professional manner. That’s how it done right!!! Also thanks to Chicago Reporters, safety is job one. Thanks Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Lauderdale Lakes Veteran Water Skier

This gentleman is cut and buffed like someone half his age. If you wish please help this group of skiers fight the good fight. Thank you. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team Aqua Skiers vs. Don Jean Bay Snobs

I hope we all know when Clout Lawyers and those lake Johnny Come Lately Snots like the Kochlefl’s decide to come in and start trouble with a great tradition like the Lauderdale Lakes Aqua Skiers need a looking into by Media. Thank you to Chicago Fox News for helping get the story out. I also thank Ms. Black of the Chicago Tribune for the front page article ‘The Battle of Don Jean Bay’. I also thank Mike Heine of the Janesville Gazette for telling the ski team side of the story. My wife a former member of the ski team, a Baywood Estate member, is totally for the Ski Team. I agree, and will look into some of the rats taking away good honest fun. If you wish to watch the team and yell obscenities at the Johnny come lately trouble makers, I will have you on my boat next weekend, and to watch the skiers perform. Photos by Patrick McDonough.