Chicago Plumber Boss @ the Car Wash

Plumber James Sullivan Car Wash.jpg
On my way to the Haymarket Riot Monument, to attend a Union Rally to support the Immigration rights movement, I noticed two Plumbers Local 130 maintenance men washing the Business Manager’s car. Since I am also a member of Plumber’s Local 130, I thought for a second about getting my car washed also. Union Management is a fine line away from Management in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Peraica for Cook County Board President

Ms. Joyce.jpg
Commissioner Tony Perica was working the South Side of Chicago, on April 22, 2006, to bring aware to the Black Community his views on the issues. Pictured is the lovely Ms. Joyce and her two handsome sons, and Commissioner Peraica. Dave Madlener told me it is a matter of “Asking for the vote”, and “Showing Respect”. Tony was presented an award from Frank Avila for his Honest Government Service earlier in the year. On a personal note, Tony is very classy and down to earth. He always has a nice word for everyone. Contact the campaign at these numbers: 1-708-344-1600, 1-773-735-1700, or 1-773-684-1909. On line, Tony Peraica Clout rating: Plenty and getting steam. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Commissioner Tony Peraica South Side

Commissioner Tony Peraica 86th and Stoney Island.jpg
Commissioner Tony Peraica is running for Cook County Board President. On April 22, 2006 Tony was working the Stroger neighborhood. The picture was taken at 86th street and Stoney Island in the south side of Chicago. I wish the following the best of luck, Commissioner Tony Peraica, David Madlener, Randy Alesia, Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough, and Ray Clark, office manager of Peraica office at 1862 E. 75th Street Chicago, Illinois 60649 phone 1-773-684-1909. Please visit Tony Peraica is a class act and was always a gentleman to everybody, Good luck and God Speed. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Jesus Navarro Water Department Hero

Jesus Navarro.jpg
Chicago Department of Water Management Laborer Jesus Navarro has a history of one of the best workers in the corrupt Chicago North District Water Department. Jesus was verbally assaulted by a ranking water official. The swiping policy in the Water Department allows those with clout to swipe where they want and those with out clout to swipe in less desirable locations. Jesus listened to racial slurs and threats to his job. Jesus demanded the work site at 1430 North Central Park to have Safety barricades and arrows. Jesus watched as a young kid almost got whacked and near head on collision. An army of Water management officials showed up. Police were called. A full scale investigation is under way.

Chicago Trench and Shoring Scandal

39th and Iron  Pershing Chicago.jpg
The City of Chicago Department of Water Management Safety Department is now under high alert. Caught again with no enforced safety rules, the embroiled department is trying to explain why there is no shoring or trench safety. Plumbers Local 130 business agents are also inspecting sites. The Illinois Department of Labor inspected two more sites near Patrick McDonough’s residence in Chicago. Hmmmmm. “I complained about it for years, and all they do is retaliate,” said Patrick McDonough. “It did not matter when I was the Plumber-in-charge of the Night Hydrant Truck, but when I got my job back they put me in an unsafe ditch”,claimed McDonough. Now, McDonough is in a lesser position and in a district farther from his legal residence. “It is called retaliation, plain and simple,” said Frank Avila.

Chicago Inspector General "Investigation"

Inspector General October 2005.jpg
Congratulations to Chicago Inspector Generals Office. In October of 2005, an investigation into the Department of Water Management North District Employees came up empty handed. (Right on Script Boys!!). The I.G. came up with nothing. Thousands of Chicago Taxpayer dollars spent in wasted time. Send in Frank Avila, Patrick McDonough, and Frank Coconate, and the corruption will be exposed. No report ever issued to the public. Thought we forgot? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Department Safety First Campaign

Patrick, David, and Michael.jpg
On April 5, 2006, Patrick McDonough was sent to a job-site to perform plumbing duties. The hole he worked in was in excess of seven (7) foot deep. The ditch caved in sending McDonough to the hospital. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management does not provide shoring for it’s workforce. Patrick McDonough has demanded shoring for years, and the grievances files disappeared. Illinois Department of Labor has been notified. Patrick McDonough has five children and is pictured with Michael and David. This photo was taken by Chicago Sun-Times Photojournalist, Richard A. Chapman. Richard is a great artist. Please see attached article by Fran Spielman of Chicago Sun-Times. The Chicago Tribune also covered this tragedy on April 7, 2006.

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Chicago Water Department Worker lack of Safety

On March 29, 2006 the Chicago Department of Water Management Valve Crew worked in the middle of the 45th Street and State Avenue intersection. The workers were John Hickey, Paul Montes, and the greatest plumber in the City of Chicago, Patrick McDonough. ” I was in the middle of the intersection and the crew placed safety cones everywhere”, said McDonough, “I try to work safe.” The speed limit is 25 mph and the cars and trucks were speeding by at 50 mph or more. Large semis and cement trucks were within 2 feet of the valve basin. At least the guys that works for the Illinois state highways and tollways have some form of safety. “One false step and my five kids would have no father,” said McDonough.
I cannot believe this, we need proper safety procedures.

Chicago Police Driving Tests

Chicago Police had a driving skills test today at the Chicago White Sox’s Parking Lot “G”. The lot is located at 33rd Street and NormaI. I was amazed at how well the Chicago Police drive the course with out hitting the cones. The driving excellence is a reminder to goof balls that think they will out run the police. Young drivers remember, pull over and do not make thing worse on yourself. One police officer really stood out on the course, a great driver, her name is Officer Alvarado. I never saw more burn outs and smoke than today. The Water Department love our Police.

Terrence J. O'Brien Brigid McDonough Picture

Terrence J. O'Brien Picture.jpg
At Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2006 a nice picture of President Terrence O’Brien and future St. Patrick Day Queen Brigid McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Clout Rating: Lots of Clout and a nice person.