CNN exposes Chicago School Kids slaughtered on a "DALEY" basis.

Daley embarrasses Chicago on CNN 1.jpg December 19, 2009. Mayor Daley looked very foolish and embarrassed Chicago in front of the whole world. CNN exposed the many Chicago school kids slaughtered on a “Daley” basis. Alderman Sandi Jackson was on CNN trying to put a crazy spin on this horrible situation. Sandi looked like Michael Jackson, and had a low cut dress that was not appropriate based on the tragedies Chicago School kids suffered. Alderman Jackson was bailing out Mayor Daley and her husband was not to be found. Sandi was correct when she stated the black male unemployment in her ward is about 60%. Barack Obama is enjoying himself in Hawaii despite the mess Daley has made in Chicago. Chicago needs to find out why our black youth are being killed in the street and everyone keeps quiet. Chicago is in huge trouble financially. If Chicago has bad winter, all hell will break loose by summer. I have said it here for years, black youth need jobs now; the kind of jobs the Daley family and friends get. It is time for Obama to stop with all the vacations and get back to work for America. Obama got his bad habits from Daley, the jetsetter. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Federation of Labor fires back to Chicago Clout on Layoffs

It was back and forth with Nick Kaleba of the Chicago Federation of Labor and Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout this morning. Nick is the communications official of the Chicago Federation of Labor and I am a Chicago City Worker upset with the way the layoffs are being handled. By the end of the conversation we agreed to work closer together to address the privatization issues. Chicago Alderman and Mayor Daley are union busting right in front of my eyes. City workers are losing jobs to workers and companies outside Chicago. Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago. Is Chicago Federation of labor better ready to protect Chicago Workers now? After this round of negotiations, I will meet with the Chicago Federation of Labor with the MAG officers and make sure they have the ammunitions to fight back. What the heck is the Journeyman Plumbers' Local 130 doing, caving in as our jobs are privatized and members starve? What dues concessions are the Unions going to make for the members? Are the Unions going to federal court to enforce the existing contracts? Why is Daley still jetting around the world when Chicago is falling apart? Patrick McDonough/Chicago Clout.