Chicago Federation of Labor fires back to Chicago Clout on Layoffs

It was back and forth with Nick Kaleba of the Chicago Federation of Labor and Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout this morning. Nick is the communications official of the Chicago Federation of Labor and I am a Chicago City Worker upset with the way the layoffs are being handled. By the end of the conversation we agreed to work closer together to address the privatization issues. Chicago Alderman and Mayor Daley are union busting right in front of my eyes. City workers are losing jobs to workers and companies outside Chicago. Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago. Is Chicago Federation of labor better ready to protect Chicago Workers now? After this round of negotiations, I will meet with the Chicago Federation of Labor with the MAG officers and make sure they have the ammunitions to fight back. What the heck is the Journeyman Plumbers' Local 130 doing, caving in as our jobs are privatized and members starve? What dues concessions are the Unions going to make for the members? Are the Unions going to federal court to enforce the existing contracts? Why is Daley still jetting around the world when Chicago is falling apart? Patrick McDonough/Chicago Clout.

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  1. Local 130 does not care about city workers, when it is privatized clout will rule with who gets those jobs through the union (haul) and 130 will be getting that pension money then, also all the girls that handle trade licenses for the Building Dept at 120 N Racine are now gone, they were laid off and it is being privatized also

  2. PATRICK and everyone else for that matter. CALM DOWN, this is a game. no layoffs coming. Daley wins again, we are taking a huge hit, and nobody is talking about the blown meter deal. wake up!!! stop chasing the drugs and follow the money. otherwise these pols will stay in office forever. follow the money!!!!!!!

  3. I thought once again on the union issue with the give backs, Pat just blames the mayor for this just like everything else. Pat usually gets it but just wont deal with it and slants the story to fit with his obsession on blaming the mayor for everything.

    In this case I dont think he gets it as this is the first time in the 25 years of having a labor contact that unionswho represent city workers are being forced to deal with give backs. This is something that happens in the private sector all of the time but city unions have never had to deal with it,

    So Pat gets a pass but it just goes to show Pat you dint understand you own union contract.

  4. Man, this punk-kid from the Yards is one heck of a scoundrel. Despite the outcry from countless citizens, the dire state of the city {in the red and already with the highest sales tax in the country}, the county {in the red and already asking for more credit} and the dire state of Illinois {looking to raise the state income taxes by over 50%} shed’n jobs like there’s no tomorrow, having banks fail, being unable to pay for unemployment benefits and/or Medicaid medical care providers and with the entire northeastern region’s infrastructure about to collapse – that which hasn’t done so already, this… unchecked punk thinks he can do whatever he wants with OUR money – present and/or future.
    Well, screw this marble mouthed, red-nosed and red-cheeked punk. Cut him off at the knees, oh, wait a minute, someone’s already done that; so, just cut him off – at the neck. What’s the premium for this wonder-insurance going to be? I suppose Ryan and his pals will write the coverage.
    Come on – folks, get a grip {around the punk’s neck} and squeeze until his eyes pop out and there’s no more breath left in him to support his lying, grifting, theiv’n, scoundrel-like and scallywag’n ways. Snuff duh mayor; he’s a worthless piece of crap from the Back of the Yards. Send him back from whence he came – ground into pieces, if you like, but, whatever we do – and DO something we must, get dis bum out office NOW. Then we can turn our long neglected attention to Stroger, Madigan – both of ’em, Quinn, Cullerton, Davis, Roland {the tombstone} Burris, Gutierez, Jackson, Jr, Jones, O’Conner, etc, etc, etc.
    Plenty of necks in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois that need squeezing – take your pick, but START SQUEEZING NOW. Let’s see some eyes pop’n out of these political hack quack’s faces. I long to hear their last whimpers of breath pass over their lying lips….

  5. Look at headlines and read the story Union bets $500 million on olympic village plan. How can Dennis Gannon tell us hes representing us city workers when they AFL-CIO are investing money with the city? This is collusion and conspiracy, we need to get a federal court order to stop the lay offs and make the city pay the short fall,( thers about 5 billion in the bank to do this). Chicago is decaying real estate will be worthless soon.

  6. Daley says no police or firemen will be laid off, for reasons of public safety. If you lay off a bunch of water department people and have no water in the mains how will you put out the fires?

  7. This says much.
    Although there is much more, this says much; this says a lot:
    Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago. Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago. Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago. Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago.


    Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago.

    This says much.This is worth repeating.
    One needs to focus on this 1 issue and realize all the ramifications.

    Phony minority set asides are bankrupting Chicago.

    Daley violates as many principles as humanly possible, all at the same time.

    For example:
    1)We shouldn’t have racist programs(PERIOD!) to begin with.
    2)He gets the minority vote at the very same time he is lying to them!
    3)He gives “minorty” friends all the freakish MONEY—–> It is all about the freaky m o n e y ! ! ! $!!

    May God bless America.
    Happy Independence Day

    Carl Segvich
    Chicago, 11th Ward

  8. Union bets $500 million on Olympic Village plan
    $1.1 BILLION PROJECT | Will invest pension funds in lakefront community

    July 3, 2009

    A powerful union is betting big time on Mayor Daley’s Olympic dream.

    This week, Daley took an $86 million gamble with taxpayers’ money that a moribund housing market will come roaring back — by closing on the purchase of Michael Reese Hospital to pave the way for construction of a $1.1 billion Olympic Village.

    » Click to enlarge image An artist’s rendering of the proposed Olympic Village plaza.

    That’s a drop in the bucket compared with the risk the AFL-CIO is about to take with its pension funds.

    The AFL-CIO investment trusts and the labor-owned Union Labor Life Insurance Co. have signed a “letter of commitment” to pump $500 million into building the Olympic Village, a project alternately viewed as the riskiest element of Chicago’s Olympic bid and its enduring “physical legacy.”

    Olympic Village projects in London and Vancouver have run into trouble because of the worldwide credit crunch, forcing both cities to ride to the rescue.

    The labor organization’s investment could help shield Chicago from a similar disaster. It also bolsters the chances City Hall will succeed in unloading the Reese property to a master developer during the five-year window when neither principal nor interest payments are due on the 15-year, $86 million loan.

    Daley plans to forge ahead with the new lakefront community — with a mix of affordable, market-rate, student and senior housing –with or without the 2016 Summer Games. The union’s investment would be contingent on Chicago winning the Olympic sweepstakes.

    The deal was engineered by Tom Villanova, president of the Chicago and Cook County Building & Construction Trades Council.

    Villanova was the first and, for a while, the only union representative on Chicago’s Olympic organizing committee. Not coincidentally, his union gave Daley’s 2007 re-election bid its only labor endorsement.

    “It’s a win-win situation for the unions because we get all the work building the Olympic Village, and it’s a good investment in a beautiful, high-profile project on the lake,” Villanova said.

    Villanova denied that the investment was risky, despite the housing slowdown and glut of unsold units.

    Chicago’s downtown condo market has an inventory of 1,167 unsold units. Nearly 2,200 more under construction also remain unsold.

    “These units are not gonna be put on the market for quite a while. Hopefully, the market has turned around in that time,” Villanova said.

    “The people who know that business obviously think it’s gonna be fine. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent the letter of commitment.”

    Sources said Villanova announced the union’s contribution during closed-door briefings with aldermen last month, designed to calm the furor over Daley’s pledge to sign an open-ended financial guarantee from Chicago taxpayers.

    Villanova’s presence with Chicago 2016 Chairman Pat Ryan served as a warning: Aldermen contemplating derailing Chicago’s bid do so at the risk of alienating union leaders.

    Sources said the insurance company would serve as a lender to various developers working on everything from housing to retail buildings in the village.

    The project calls for as many as 2,600 units in 21 residential buildings, each 12 stories high. The units would be retrofitted for permanent occupancy after they are used to house 16,000 Olympic athletes during the 2016 Summer Games.

  9. I can’t wait to see exactly what the payoff is for the endorsement of Daley’s Olmypic debacle. We need to see a complete listing of the union leaders who currently preside over this union so we see where Daley granted political favors in return.

    It’s pathetic how these unions sell their membership down the river in return for a little “Daley Clout”. I can’t wait to see who gets a few promotions and free jobs thrown their way for this dispicable slap in the face to the union members.

    This is a great example of how Daley operates. By granting union leaders their own “gigs” as Daley puts it, he takes control over union leaders who are supposed to be working for their membership. It’s a great inivisible form of union busting. Daley gives the board members free promotions and jobs for board member friends and family, and in return they spit in the face of their own membership, thereby causing the membership to denounce their own union and further Daley’s union busting cause.

    Take for example how the police union’s presidents have all been taken care of after their final term. Also take a look at how the current president has a family member that was given a nice city job. You think this guy would have gotten his free great job if Donahue didn’t do a favor for Daley? Like the perennial favorite of not revealing to the press the true shortages in manpower?

    How about the refusal of all union leaders to truthfully reveal all ongoing details of their “negotiations” with city hall to the media?

    Why? Because they don’t want the reap the wrath of Daley and see all their “gigs” dry up for themselves.

    Chicago labor unions have never truely served their membership in the way they are supposed to. Unions are in place to work for the membership at all times and to use every method available to ensure the best contracts for their membership. This includes using tools like press releases regarding stonewalling and strongarm tactics attempted by the city so that the membership and the public at large can see exactly how Daley treats city employees.

    As of now, the only thing we get to see is how Daley uses city employees as pawns to force employees to give back money to Daley.

    Keep one thing in mind about Daley’s union scams at this time:

    Daley charges every taxpayer in this city for a specified number of city employees within every budget. As an example, when Daley budgets the CPD with a membership of 13,500 he is charging the taxpayers for the computed total sum of 13,500 paychecks. When Daley then allows ~400 CPD employees to retire each year without replacing those employees, he is paying out less money in total paychecks than he has collected tax revenue for. What do you think he’s doing with THAT money folks?

    And how about the latest scam? Charging taxpayers for a sum total of every budgeted employee of the city for the year, then forcing those employees to take unpaid days off. What do you think he’s doing with THAT money that he’s not paying out?

    Daley WANTS to keep city employees working so he can justify charging taxpayers for the salaries of a determined number of people. He intends to charge taxpayers a full year’s pay for every employee, then after the budget is signed he forces employees to stay home and not get paid, thereby pocketing millions of budgeted taxpayer dollars by keeping it for himself and not paying the employees. At the end of the year, what do you think happens to that money that was already budgeted and should have been paid to employees but was kept because he forced the employees to stay home and not get paid? You think Daley gives it back to the taxpayers? HAH! Daley appropriates millions of already budgeted tax dollars in unpaid wages every year and no one knows anything about it, or where it gets used.

    These kinds of scumbag tactics are just the tip of the iceberg of how Daley constantly overcharges then pockets the difference. This is only what he pulls on city employees and the taxpayers… how many other little pork projects do you think Daley overcharges the taxpayers for each year then pockets for his own ends?

    It boggles the mind, and the taxpayer never understands the games he plays.

    He tries to sell is “we’re broke” story to every taxpayer that reads, and you believe it.

    When Daley gives away 6.2 million dollars to entice a liquor company to set up shop for 10 tax-free years yet lays off 1500 employees to save 11 million dollars, who’s really getting raped?

    Does anyone in this city believe daley actually cares about city employees when he fires them to save money on one hand, then spends nearly the same amount on enticements to businesses so they can set up shop for 10 tax-free years then leave town when their freeloading time is up?

    It’s pathetic. Daley’s pathetic, and he wants you to stay home next election because he KNOWS all his enticed and privileged friends will be voting for him. He doesn’t want the irate individual taxpayers to vote, he only wants his patronage army to vote, thereby making it look like “the people” want him in office, when in fact, it’s only the pigs at the trough who bothered to cast a vote.

    Wake up folks. Daley’s privatizing (patronizing friends) this city into the ground. It’s a land of haves and have-nots, and unless you’re a pig, or a friend of a pig slopping at the taxpayer trough, you my friend, are a have-not.

  10. An article in the Febrary 13, 2009 Sun-Times reported that the costs for construction of the Olympic Village would be $976 million. Today, four months later, costs for the same project are listed at $1.1 billion, representing an escalation of $124 million, or 12.7%. I would imagine that the costs of the infrastructure, which, at last reporting, were over $1 billion, are not included. The infrastructure costs will more than likely be borne by the City through TIFs and other public sources.

    And another obvious Daley plant heard from. Your cautious, yet still very obvious, backing of Daley’s plan reeks of Daley plant hon.

    This is typical Daley method, buy first, pay later. He pulled the same thing at O’Hare airport years before the lawsuits had settled by paying his hired truck scandal friends millions to shift the runways around 24 hours a day. Once again Daley spends taxpayer dollars before given ANY authority to do so, this time using the excuse that if he loses the Olympic bid, which I personally hope he does, he’ll allegedly sell off the property to some “Master Developer” (code for crooked real estate buddy) for a new lakefront neighborhood.

    Typical Daley puppetry of “Hey look at what I have in this hand, ignore what I’m hiding behind my back”. Which in this case is, the elimination of City workers, demanding a 10% loss in pay, and refusal to hire critical first responder services in a city tearing itself apart with violence.

    And let’s not forget the slip shot, overnight parking meter business that we’ve yet to see the real corruption behind and loss of city tax dollars. Oh, and don’t forget that if you want to park your car at the lakefront it’s gonna cost you a buck an hour.

    It’s people like valerie f. leonard that are doing their best to make everyone forget the overabundance of scamming, gouging and general financial raping of this city’s residents by trying to shift the argument back and forth between the aldermen and the mayor by trying to set the readers up in a preordained investigative direction that has already been mapped out by Daley so as to appear legit.

    Daley is raping this city in one hand, and claiming to be it’s savior in the other. All his crying of how he “refuses” to raise homeowner taxes because he’s trying to “protect” them, and then sucking taxes out of every move we make is merely the same Daley scam he’s pulled in the past. We will be forced to pay higher fees, pay new fees for services already paid for with tax revenue, and only then when he’s extracted just over the tolerable limit on fees and new taxes will we see the same ole familiar, “well folks, there’s nothing left to do but raise your taxes, sorry!”

    Daley has pulled out every trick in his bag of lies to enrich his friends with his last hurrah before being dumped at election time, all in order to make his band of thieves rich one last time.

    Daley will never learn in his short time left in office, and basically no polititian in this state will ever learn in their lifetime, how to balance a budget.

    In Daley’s case, he doesn’t care what the taxpayers think, it’s all about protecting his friends with money so they’ll protect him from jail in the end. If Daley had one shred of a moral concience, he wouldn’t have the audacity to claim he’s broke so he has to fire or kill city payroll while at the same time stockpiling billions of dollars EARNING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN INTEREST in completely discretionary accounts while refusing to use any of it to save the city’s employment infrastructure from crumbling to the ground. But, I guess that’s just something else Daley’s gonna sell off to only his choicest of friends when he privatizes that as well.

    See valerie, no one reading here even wants to begin taking your misdirectional investigation into consideration. No taxpayer wants the Olympics here and it’s pretty clear by now. The only one who wants it is Daley, and that’s because his money grubbing handlers have told him to pull out all the stops to get it done because they fear he won’t be here much longer to use him to their own end.

    Every word that comes from Daley’s mouth is a lie unless the truth benefits his posse. All the insurance scams, the forcing of labor unions to fein trust in his scheme and all the fake political jabbering we’ll be seeing from you and the rest of his employees both in the media and at work, are finally being seen for what they are by even the most disinterested liberals these days, and the train ain’t stopping soon honey.

  11. The sky is falling Pat, the sky is falling!!!! The bust has arrived. Watch your pennies. Too much to describe. Home values plummeting and taxes have to go down too. There is a calamity all over the country. This is what my grandmother told me about in the 1930’s. Guess I got to tell my grand kids. Pat, will Daley ever go to jail? Insight please…..

  12. Indicted Chicago developer made big profit on city deal
    Builder allegedly bribed Ald. Carothers, but other aldermen had ties to him, too

    July 6, 2009

    Three years ago, City Hall approved giving $5.3 million in taxpayer funding to a labor organization so it could buy land from a client of Ald. Edward M. Burke’s law firm.

    Burke (14th) was among 49 aldermen who approved the deal that allowed the Chicago Construction and General Laborers’ Council to buy the 24-acre site from since-indicted Chicago developer Calvin Boender.

    » Click to enlarge image The laborers council’s job training center, to open next January, is at 5700 W. Homer. Calvin Boender sold his West Side property in a deal for $5.3 million — a 37 percent profit.
    (John H. White/Sun-Times)

    RELATED STORIESThe list: Boender’s donations More from The Watchdogs
    Since 1997, Calvin Boender — the developer accused of bribing Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th) to win zoning approval for a development on the Far West Side — has contributed, along with his businesses, wife and partners, a total of $199,100 to political funds controlled by these 20 politicians:

    Ald. Ike Carothers (29th) $53,700

    Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke $40,500

    U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) $32,500

    Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th) $17,000

    Former Ald. Billy Ocasio (26th) $11,000

    Ald. Ricardo Munoz (22nd) $8,500

    Cook County Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers $6,000

    Former Ald. Ted Matlak (32nd) $4,200

    Cook County Judge Carol Howard $3,500

    Ron Paul, former presidential candidate $3,300

    Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) $3,000

    Ald. Ed Smith (28th) $3,000

    U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) $2,300

    Sandra Reed, a former 46th Ward aldermanic candidate $2,200

    Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich $2,000

    Ald. William Banks (36th) $2,000

    Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) $1,500

    Former Gov. George Ryan $1,000

    Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado $500

    Former Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd) $400

    Boender made a 37 percent profit on the land, which he had owned for about six years, city records show.

    Now, a federal investigation has the deal in the spotlight.

    Boender’s old property is part of Galewood Yards — a 50-acre development at the heart of the recent federal indictment against Boender and Ald. Isaac Carothers, whose 29th Ward includes a sizable chunk of the development.

    According to the indictment, Carothers started taking bribes from Boender in 2004 in exchange for supporting the project that now includes homes, a movie theater and a job-training center for construction laborers that’s set to open next January.

    Carothers is the only alderman who has been charged in connection with Galewood Yards. But Boender had relationships with several other members of Chicago’s City Council at the time they agreed to give the laborers council the money to buy Boender’s land, near Armitage and Central, on June 28, 2006. They include:

    • • Burke, who’s chairman of the City Council Finance Committee. The city’s most powerful alderman, Burke also heads a law firm that has represented Boender in 14 property-tax appeal cases since 2005, a relationship the Chicago Sun-Times disclosed last week. Five of those cases were filed this year, and Burke won reductions for Boender on three of those properties.

    In March 2007, Boender hosted a campaign fund-raiser for Burke’s wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, raising $58,250. Burke’s wife says she has refunded some of that money and has given the rest to charity.

    Boender once tried to develop blighted property near Midway Airport in Burke’s ward, and Burke wrote a letter supporting that project. To avoid a conflict of interest, Burke abstained from voting when the City Council approved that project. Boender, however, never built anything on the site.

    Burke abstained from voting on another Boender project, too.

    But Burke did vote to approve the use of city money so the laborers’ council could buy land from Boender. In a written statement, a Burke spokesman said there was no reason for the alderman to abstain.

    “The redevelopment agreement in question was between the City of Chicago and the Construction & General Laborers’ District Council of Chicago and Vicinity Joint Training and Apprenticeship Fund,” Burke spokesman Donal Quinlan said. “No conflict existed. Therefore there was no obligation to abstain.”

    • • Ald. William Banks (36th), chairman of the City Council’s Zoning Committee. Banks’ nephew James Banks is the zoning attorney Boender hired to win city approval to build homes on the former industrial property. The alderman abstained from voting on Boender’s zoning case — Banks never votes on any cases handled by his nephew — but Banks did vote to give the laborers money to buy Boender’s land.

    • • Ald. Emma Mitts (37th), a protege of Carothers. Her ward also includes part of the Galewood Yards project, which she strongly supported.

    When the City Council voted 49-0 to give the laborers council the money to buy Boender’s land, 10 of those aldermen had gotten campaign contributions from Boender — including Carothers, Burke, Banks and Mitts. The others: Walter Burnett (27th), Ted Matlak (32nd), Ricardo Munoz (22nd), Burton Natarus (42nd), Billy Ocasio (26th) and Ed Smith (28th). Matlak, Natarus and Ocasio no longer are aldermen.

    Carothers, according to court records unsealed in May, wore a wire for federal authorities for more than a year to record conversations with developers and public officials. Carothers has pleaded not guilty in the case, though his lawyer has not ruled out a guilty plea later on.

    Peter Ruff, the administrator of the General Laborers’ Council, said the council hasn’t been contacted by federal authorities regarding the criminal case against Carothers and Boender, who also has pleaded not guilty.

    The council has yet to receive any of the taxpayer money the City Council approved. Ruff said he expects payments will begin next year, after the center is completed and begins holding classes.

    The $5.3 million will come from the Galewood/Armitage Tax Increment Financing District, one of the dozens of such districts Mayor Daley has set up to spur development. It will be generated through real estate taxes paid by people who bought homes in the district, as well as by the movie theater.

    “We bought the land with our own funds, and the TIF will reimburse us,” Ruff said.

    The laborers council is a not-for-profit training organization run by labor unions and construction companies. The council operates a training facility in Carol Stream. Its leaders decided to build another facility in Chicago to train city residents, including some who work for the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation and other agencies.

    The new 70,000-square-foot facility will cost about $24 million, including the $5.3 million from the city. The Illinois Finance Authority issued about $20 million in bonds for the training center. Those bonds will be repaid by the training center, not by Illinois taxpayers.

  13. Pat,

    Clout not qualification is the City’s way of awarding jobs and contracts.
    Therefore political work and financial contributions(kickbacks)is the gateway to archive the above.

    Since the Unions are awarded jobs through the mayors office like alderman’s (clout)they must answer to tricky Dick (Mayor).Tricky Dick controls the Unions just like the Dick controls the alderman’s.

    By the way do you know who’s been in power
    longer, the Castro brother (Communist Cuba) or the Daley’s (Republic of Chicago)?

  14. Maybe you should find some more union brothers to rat out. That’s a way for the city to save money. You got a lot of nerve, chump.
    (Response) Did I take food out of your mouth? Big Mouth?

  15. Pat: Why is there no one saying a word about T T’s shadow,Lemuel Austin..He drives a city owned car ,tell’s supervisors what to do ,has phony business cards printed claiming that his “title” is assistant to T T.I looked in the buget,there’s no such title..this guy is a Laborer and should be on a leak crew .If and when you fix this problem,you’ll have my support 100% btw I contacted every news media outlet I could think of with this far I guess they are afraid of King Daley

  16. Mayor Daley warns hold-out unions : cut deal or members will be laid off

    July 7, 2009

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/
    Mayor Daley today warned three hold-out unions — Teamsters 726, Laborers 1001 and AFSCME Council 31 — that layoffs would be confined to their 650 members if they refuse to cut a deal on cost-cutting concessions by July 15.

    “We have agreements with everyone else except those three. They have to come to the table. We’re not trying to tell people, ‘You’re getting laid off.’ But on July 15, they will be laid off,” the mayor said.

    “We have sent the notices. I’ve sent a letter to all the families pointing this out. Don’t blame me. Of course they blame Mayor Daley for everything. But, don’t blame me. You have to talk to your union leaders. If they think unemployment is better than people working, that’s their position.”

    Daley’s warning did not scare Henry Bayer, executive director of AFSCME Council 31.

    “I know he bulldozed Meigs Field. But he can’t bulldoze city employees and their unions. He has to sit down and negotiate in good faith. The city hasn’t been willing to do that. It’s their way or the highway,'” Bayer said.

    “We have presented the city with alternatives that would save as much as the layoffs, keep city services flowing and avoid the agony he’s putting our members through. He’s been totally unwilling to listen. The mayor has the right under our contract to lay people off. [But], we think it’s highly unfortunate that he’s decided to pursue this course.”

    Laborers and Teamsters officials did not return calls.

    Last week, Daley held a news conference with Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon and Tom Villanova, president of the Chicago and Cook County Building & Construction Trades Council.

    The purpose was to isolate the Laborers, Teamsters and AFSCME and accuse those three unions of standing in the way of a two-year deal on cost-cutting concessions that would save the jobs of 1,504 targeted city employees.

    Forty other unions have agreed to: take 24 unpaid furlough days through June 30, 2011; convert all city holidays – nine for hourly employees and 12 for those with monthly salaries — to unpaid days and substitute comp time for cash overtime.

    With citywide unemployment at 10.7 percent and declining revenues threatening to poke a $300 million hole in the city’s 2009 budget, Daley argued today that shared sacrifice is better than the alternatives: more layoffs or higher taxes.

    “If you go into any community and you knock on someone’s door and talk to them, their husband or wife — someone got laid off in their family. Their son or daughter graduated from college … and can’t get a job. … The private sector is not hiring people,” he said.

    “You want to be able to work this out. … If they all work as a team, you can do this: management, elected officials, every employee. … Remember, your expenses are [rising] and your revenue is going down. People here can’t pay any more taxes because their salary has been [frozen] or maybe even cut. Or they’re losing two or three days a week, no overtime.”

  17. T is a C******er. I know of an ex city 150 guy that will cut his throat if he ever comes across him, and if I saw Tommie on fire I would not even p&*( on him, I have dirt on him that the feds will hear about at the right time, and T or anybody that knows him tell him Chuck the guy that he had put in his mommas water heater on city time said to F OFF

  18. from the BGA website her are all municipal employees with the name lamuel look who is on top and what he makes an hour
    Last First Title Department Salary Started Employer
    Austin Lemuel Const Laborer 088- Dept Of Water Management $35 06/20/00 City of Chicago
    Austin Lemuel Staff Asst To The Alderman 015- City Council $3,364 07/02/07 City of Chicago
    Ayala Lemuel Clerk II 081- Dept Streets And Sanitation $3,312 05/16/88 City of Chicago
    Banlaoi Lemuel Registered Nurse I Department Of Human Services $72,379 State of Illinois
    Harrington Lemuel Carpenter So Temp Carpenter-South Building $38 08/30/91 Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority
    Lacy Lemuel Firefighter-Emt 059- Fire Department $6,124 02/02/98 City of Chicago
    Rowans Lemuel College/Career Coach Post Secondary Educ-Cw $23,092 11/08/99 Chicago Public Schools

  19. Thank You Chuck….If this Clown is a const.Laborer WHY is his driving a city car??? 9 years on the job..?? this is a friggin joke..Kass?? Todd Lightly??..someone please get rid of this cloutbaby.

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