CNN exposes Chicago School Kids slaughtered on a "DALEY" basis.

Daley embarrasses Chicago on CNN 1.jpg December 19, 2009. Mayor Daley looked very foolish and embarrassed Chicago in front of the whole world. CNN exposed the many Chicago school kids slaughtered on a “Daley” basis. Alderman Sandi Jackson was on CNN trying to put a crazy spin on this horrible situation. Sandi looked like Michael Jackson, and had a low cut dress that was not appropriate based on the tragedies Chicago School kids suffered. Alderman Jackson was bailing out Mayor Daley and her husband was not to be found. Sandi was correct when she stated the black male unemployment in her ward is about 60%. Barack Obama is enjoying himself in Hawaii despite the mess Daley has made in Chicago. Chicago needs to find out why our black youth are being killed in the street and everyone keeps quiet. Chicago is in huge trouble financially. If Chicago has bad winter, all hell will break loose by summer. I have said it here for years, black youth need jobs now; the kind of jobs the Daley family and friends get. It is time for Obama to stop with all the vacations and get back to work for America. Obama got his bad habits from Daley, the jetsetter. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Thank you bring attention to Ashton Wise. Daley treats blacks like crap. Chicago Black youth need jobs. After school; matters was a scam to get the Daley family free trips around the world.

  2. As Alderman/Committeeman of the 7th Ward, I will continue to work with you and for you. With your help, we can make our streets safer for ourselves and our families.

    The challenges we face may seem overwhelming, but if we rally together and work diligently, we can build a better and stronger community. Our website will keep you updated with the activities of our Ward and serve as an information conduit between our office and the constituents.

    We are excited about the new opportunities for the 7th Ward and this country. Thank you for your support and dedication to make a difference. We clearly still have much to do for our ward and this country, now is the time to continue a new direction!
    In the pages of this site you will find information that will assist you in how to become a volunteer, upcoming events and programs, news, SWIPO social networking sites, important election information and how to contact us.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout, did she keep her promise?

  3. Either you want to abolish patronage hiring or you don’t. Pick a side. The black youth need jobs? Then get your free public school education, obtain a skill or trade and apply for a job. The mayor is providing the black youth with enough opportunity. Someone has to start growing some balls and tell the cnn’s of the world the hard truth. The only people that can help the black youth community are the black youths themself. Since when is it the tax payers of this cities responsibility to make sure everyone has a job, goes to school and knows that killing is bad.

    If anyone should be embarassed it should not be the mayor, it should be the black community.
    Let’s start here. Every black resident that lives in these communities should photograph, video tape or call the police on the members of their own community. You know who the trouble is? Report your findings (specific details) to the police. If they fail to act then the Mayor should be embarassed. Until then, the black community will keep teir heads in the sand and wait for someone else to figure out their problems.

    I am not a racist, I am a realist.

  4. December 19, 2009 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Now that most Chicago public schools are on holiday break, Mayor Daley reminded parents Saturday to take advantage of programs offered to give kids something constructive to do while away from the classroom.

    The mayor spoke at Bethlehem Star Missionary Baptist Church on the city’s South Side. It is among more than 30 churches partnering with the city’s Department of Family Support Services to offer Safe Haven Safe Holiday programs during the school break.

    The programs are focused on performing arts and conflict-resolution skills as a way to combat violence.

    “We ask this holiday season for you to be safe, to be reflective upon what we have, and we pray, I mean we really pray, that next year will be a better year,” said Mayor Daley.

    The mayor also reminded residents that the police department will enforce the city’s curfew during the holiday break.
    Bull crud.

  5. It’s over. Our governor Quinn wants to raise our, I mean will raise our state taxes and double them. We are in debt. Enter health care reform. That will cause our state taxes to go higher because. in that nasty bill it says that the states will have to pay a huge burden of taxes for welfare. the Dems are sinking us. Business will just hide their money or even have all their employees start their own businesses and these companies will just sub out work to them by making them all sub contractors. Then these businesses will not have to pay for health care. This is the bust coming. The stock market is a bubble again and the feds are phonying up the numbers and printing money big time to pay off Obamas campaign army with “stimulus jobs”. The bust is coming. It;s over people. It’s over. Watch and get yourself protected. This is going to be worse that the 30’s and the 60’s combined. Not pretty. Even a fool can see this coming down the tracks. We’re fu(ked. A depression stops spending. Everyone is broke and prices are forced to correct. Well the spending party is going full tilt still. I read there are hints that Obama is black mailing and threatening these European countries to buy more of our debt. Forcing them to buy our debt. This is an Al Capone white house. Buddy, we are gonna be witness to catastrophic times. Oh yea, and Daley is out giving interviews, just heard him on Bill Cameron and WLS. He was sounding so compassionate about the “poor people suffering and out of work”. he sounded so quiet and somber as his crooked bastard son has just fled to Russia with our taxpayer money. Now, stick all this in your pipe and smoke it! Not a smooth blend of tobacco is it?

  6. What if Kendricks name was Mcdonough? whare would he be now. Hey Pat, how’s the float your building for this years pride parade? I hear you’re working on it all winter. (Response) I will have the float ready soon. You and I will enjoy riding on top!

  7. December 17, 2009

    Todd Lighty

    Chicago city workers are less likely to report job-related misconduct than their counterparts elsewhere, largely because they don’t believe the problem will be fixed and they fear retaliation from bosses, a new survey by Mayor Richard Daley’s hiring compliance office reveals.

    The snapshot into City Hall work culture found that Chicago employees report only one out of every two instances of misconduct that they witness. Workers for other local governments, however, were more likely to disclose on-the-job wrongdoing, reporting two out of every three instances of misconduct.

    Anthony Boswell, the executive director of the mayor’s Office of Compliance, said he is going to create new initiatives, including training programs, to address Chicago workers’ concerns about being retaliated against.

    “If people think nothing will happen when they report misconduct or if people believe they will be retaliated against, then they are likely to say nothing,” Boswell said. “We are going to work on that.”

    Boswell said city workers need to be encouraged to report even mistakes that may not amount to misconduct and be assured they won’t be punished.

    The survey also found that a paltry 17 percent of Chicago’s workers believed they will be rewarded for following compliance and ethical standards.

    Boswell ordered the survey, which cost approximately $40,000. The survey took the pulse of more than 1,800 workers and was conducted in August and September by the Ethics Resource Center, a private, nonprofit organization. The survey’s error margin is 2.2 percentage points.

    You can read the survey here. Other highlights include:

    * Eighty-one percent of Chicago’s workers said the primary reason they don’t bother reporting misconduct is because they believe nothing will be done about it. Of those who reported misconduct, 26 percent said they were retaliated against.

    * Only 62 percent of Chicago’s workers believe City Hall has a strong culture of compliance and integrity. That’s far below that of workers for other local governments from around the nation, where, overall, 80 percent believed they have a strong, ethical work culture.

    * The most likely misconduct witnessed by Chicago workers involved abusive behavior, 27 percent; lying to employees, 21 percent; discrimination, 20 percent; hiring violations, 15 percent; and conflicts of interest, 15 percent.

    * Chicago’s workers were less likely to report hiring violations, sexual harassment, and on-the-job abuse of email and the Internet.

    * The survey found that 93 percent of city workers were aware of the Office of Compliance, which Daley created in 2007 to promote ethical conduct. But workers surveyed said they were less likely to seek guidance from that office than from other city resources.

  8. Dumb like a fox. Obama (the guy you voted for Pat, admit it now) is doing rotten in the polls because of health care and he is losing big support from the independents. Him and Emanual know this but they are planning on destroying most union jobs and getting more votes by telling the senators and congressmen that if they don’t vote for amnesty for 11 million wetbacks then they are finished. Obama is planning on jamming through amnesty and giving the illegals the quick right to vote. A matter of fact I bet that amnesty is conditional with them having to fill out voter registration forms before they get it. This damn president you will remember made it mandatory for all colleges he debated at before the election to have all those in attendance register to vote in order for them to attend the debates. This is mayor Daleys city hall in the white house now. Sickening. Look what this mayor foisted on the country. And Patrick Daley is not in prison yet. He is building his own float in Russia for their Gay Pride parade and paying for it with our (the taxpayer) money!!!!! With all that money Pat, I hate to tell you but Patrick Daleys “pride” float will be looking much better than yours buddy, sorry…..and I am, Len O’Conner.

  9. The problem in the black community is the leadership,take J.J.he has a child from another women,meeks tells the parents to keep thier kids home from school.Gangs and guns that’s the problem,we
    are told,we need to do more
    for the childern,so they
    say.The real way to help
    the childern is to make sure that there parents have a good paying job that can support thier family.People with good paying jobs do not commit crime for the most part.
    We are the only one’s who can help ourselves, we are the problem.
    Let’s not forget that we have fine men and women fighting and dying for us,
    the least we can do for them is to VOTE!

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