Chicago Clout's Rachel enjoyed the CAN-TV studio with Terrence J. O'Brien tonight

Terrence J. O'Brien and Clout Staff.jpg Many of the candidates are tired by the long draw out fight to become Cook County Board President. Chicago Clout has had all candidates discuss their positions including our friend President Terrence J. O’Brien of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.
Terrence has run a great campaign with John Davis a warm and wonderful Chicago Icon. I am in the process of getting the videos online so all the voters can make well informed decisions. Mr. O’Brien and his family are wonderful people. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Are you going to Vote for John G. Mulroe for 10TH District Senate in Chicago, Illinois?

John G. Mulroe 1.jpg A few days ago, Ronald Bober, a famous Investigator for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management just got done with lunch and was greeted with a great big “Hello” from John G. Mulroe a candidate for Senate in Illinois. He is a fine upstanding breath of fresh air in the Democratic primary to take over for James “FEDS at the Door” DeLeo. I have not made up my mind in this race, but John would be a strong choice and any friend of Mary O’Connor 41St Ward Committeeman, is a friend of mine. John was very interested in hearing what the Chicago Water Department crew had to say. We need more politicians that are able to do so. Please contact John and see if he would be a good candidate to represent you and you community. Go to his website here: Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Sun-Times Readers respond to James Kendrick Story

Chicago Plumber.jpg December 26, 2009 Plumbers work hard, earn their pay
While I agree with critics who say the city plumbing inspector accused of violating codes should be fired, why bring his salary into it?
I am a union plumber and proud of my trade, though I’ve been laid off for 21 months.
What do critics think is a fair wage?
If I were working now my salary would be similar, though as a private-sector plumber I would not get paid holidays, sick days, vacation, etc.
I am tired of people commenting negatively on our pay and charges for work performed.
I and every other union plumber out there went through five years of apprenticeship, and we work very hard to earn that money, whether that’s rodding out sewer systems, plumbing single-family homes or 95-story high-rises. We do the work that you don’t want to or don’t know how to. It’s a skilled trade, and you pay for that skill.
Without qualified plumbers and the plumbing inspectors, everyone’s health could be put at risk through improper water connections or sewage disposal.
Instead of complaining how much a plumber makes, next time thank him for providing safe drinking water for you and your family and for getting that razor out of your sewer that you flushed down the toilet so your home isn’t backed up with raw sewage.
Michael Hanley, Canaryville
Doing the crime — but no time
Former Ald. Ed Vrdolyak gets caught trying to steal million-plus dollars. He gets a couple of football players to write the judge a letter. He walks.
Former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez, convicted of fraud in a City Hall hiring scheme, waits around long enough and finds a judge to reverse his conviction.
City plumbing inspector James Kendrick, working without a permit and using city materials for free, gets his job back.
A reputed made man in the mob, now behind bars, finds a judge who grants him the OK to go to a top-notch restaurant on Christmas Eve.
My money says Blago walks.
Any takers? Gary Odom, South Shore
(Chicago Clout Responds)
I hope you enjoy this Chicago Sun-Times Reader’s response to the James Kendrick Story. The extent of the story goes far beyond what these comments write. I am sorry to report this Plumber really has no clue as to what is really going on regarding Plumbers and Plumbing positions in Chicago. The Chicago Plumber’s Union has one of the worst unemployment rates for a “profession” in Chicagoland. Local 130’s unemployment rate is about 85%. The dues and fees are in the thousands every year. James Sullivan a hack at best, rehired the same bunch of bust-outs to continue the corruption at the expense of the membership. In Chicago, there are no new Apprentices which might cause the termination of the do-nothing teaching staff. One of the guys writing into the Sun-Times assumes Plumbers in Chicago are trained to do the job; many of these licenses are bought like candy over the counter. Michael McGann, a famous Chicago Plumbing Inspector will walk us through the buying and selling of Plumbing Licenses in Chicago next week. There is a much greater problem with the Plumbing license law in Illinois than most people realize, so you might want to consider bottled water for your family in Illinois until the problem is resolved. The City of Chicago again should thank Fran Spielman for another story that goes deeper than meets the eye. Patrick McDonough