David Hoffman prepares to take on Banking Issues Tuesday October 27, 2009.

David Hoffman for U.S. Senate 1.jpg David Hoffman is reminding you that today we’ll be marching with other concerned citizens to let big banks in Illinois know we’re fed up with their reckless spending and greed. We’ll also be spreading the word about the campaign to make David Hoffman the next Democrat Senator of Illinois.
“The March” October 27, 2009 10:30 a.m. — Wacker & Stetston (at the river)
Walk to the Water St. Sheraton, 3 blocks away
“The Rally”:
11:00 a.m. — Sheraton Hotel 301 E. North Water St.
The Hoffman campaign will be handing out flyers to engage potential campaign volunteers.
Make sure you take the time to show up, fix your government. Pictured is David McDonough, “kids for David Hoffman and better a world”. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Pressure Washing Systems clean up Mayor Daley's Departments

Pressure washing systems 1.jpg Pressure washing systems have been on Chicago Clout’s radar for a very long time. They have washed backhoes and trucks at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management for years. It is no secret they have been reported to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General for flagrant violations. I cannot list them right now. When I approached this company, the workers could not speak English. I contacted the union that covers this bargaining agreement, they did nothing. For years they have washed Chicago’s City Hall sidewalks. The same contractors tied to Blago are tied to Mayor Daley. Do you find it funny how they only talk about certain connections and not others? The City of Chicago is corrupt beyond repair; I just wonder why nothing is done. Chicago Clout is years ahead of the corruption curve, and we will always stay ahead of the top stories. We have more on this company that needs to come out soon, let’s see if the new leadership at the Chicago Office of the Investor General follows through. This picture was taken at the Department of Management yard in Chicago, this company came onto government property with no identification check, they rolled right in. Patrick McDonough. ]]> Continue reading “Pressure Washing Systems clean up Mayor Daley's Departments”

Special thanks to guest Michael Volpe, John Swietczak, Ivan Tomic, and Michael McGann.

Thank you for the nice and kind words Michael Volpe of Thee Provocateur. http://theeprovocateur.blogspot.com/2009/10/half-hour-with-two-chicago.html On October 2, 2009, we had a great day at Can-TV. Thank you to our famous host Judge Burrell and Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown. Special Thanks to Tom Morris, John Swietczak, and Saul Charak. Thanks to Charles Walker and Joe Yost. Thanks to our friends at CAN-TV. A Super Big thanks to Ivan Tomic and Michael McGann helping to pay the freight. Thanks to all the talent for our new show, Mayor Daley’s 11TH Ward Orchestra Tryouts. Thanks to the guys in the control room. The Chicago Clout Shows help make educate voters.Our fun shows help us keep sane at work. We have a large staff of people and hope to have more shows soon. Enjoy.