Chicago Law Dept. and Inspector General demand Rahm to stop using City Workers

Rahm Emanuel Pic with City Workers.png Rahm Emanuel is using Chicago City Workers for backdrops and photo ops to bolster his run for the upcoming Mayoral Race. City Workers were attempting to pick up garbage and complete their tasks when a Commissioner ordered them to wait all morning for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Media to take pictures for the news. City Workers that were black and Hispanic were ordered to the front for pictures. Workers wore City Uniforms and the trucks were clean as a whistle. One City Worker said, he did not see a fly or a foul smell for once. This beats pickin up trash said one employee. The Inspector General has told Rahm and City employees to keep away from the press. The Law Department is very angry as Rahm is making lawsuits against the city run afoul. Rahm used the Water Department for photo shoots for years. It is a backdrop for votes. One City commissioner said” it is Rahm being Rahm”. The Inspector General is still not going after Rahm for using City funds for his personal use. Joe said, “I still got a job”. Photo by Nancy Stone of the Tribune.

Chicago Department of Law Karen M. Coppa protects Rahm Emanuel’s Langdon Neal

Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon Neal makes millions and millions of dollars from the City of Chicago and Cook County. Jay Stone is becoming a major thorn in the side of the Chicago newspapers big secret. Landon Neal’s legal deals stink real bad. A conflict of interest at the very least. Langdon was again hoping people in Chicago will register to vote for Barack Obama and that is what made the newspapers. What? Why will the Chicago Sun-Times keep a lid on Langdon Neal’s business dealings? I tangled personally at Rahm Emanuel’s residency hearing with Langdon Neal. If you want some great dirt on Chicago politics and Langdon Neal go to Jay Stone’s website.
Just recently Karen M. Coppa, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel is riding shotgun for Langdon Neal threating Jay Stone with possible legal action. Is Langdon Neal too cheap to use his own lawyers? and again will the Chicago Taxpayers pick up the freight for ole Neal? WTF? Karen is putting the heat on Jay for disclosing Langdon’s massive tax returns. Langdon Neal had to disclose his tax information and make it public so the multi-millionaire can keep cleaning up on minority business set asides. The old no bid stuff Daley made famous… Karen is with the Legal Information, Investigations and Prosecutions Division and she made that abundantly clear to Jay. Karen would not return my phone call. Make sure you go to Jay Stone’s website….good stuff.

Benchmark Construction wins the Contract but does not do the work, Daley2011

Smith and American 1.jpg Friday was a day off for most Department of Water Management Employees. The 48Th Ward was packed with major repairs from Mayor Daley contractors today. Chicago Contractors were working Saturday at time and one half!!! One of the contractors that sparked an interest with me is Smith Maintenance. Smith, as far as I remember, was involved with Daley in the Chicago Harbors. As far as I can make it, Daley gave a multi-million dollar deal to Benchmark Construction to dummy up the sewers and basins in Chicago. Jay Levine, the chief correspondent for CBS 2 Chicago, was real close when he was on to Kenny Construction and the Sewer lining deal. Again Jay found another sub-contractor doing the work. This contract is a phony patch and a real nice deal for another one of Daley buddies. The variation on the theme is Benchmark Construction, which sub-contracted Smith maintenance. Smith is completing the work for Daley contractor of choice. The almost 30 million dollar sewer contract also has Minority Business and Woman’s owned Business’s cut of about 28%. So the question is who is doing the work? Why continue to have work for minority contractors when people are out of work? In this picture you will also see, American Surveying Consultants. Mayor Daley likes Hispanic owned businesses to handle the engineering. Unemployed Chicagoans are too stupid I guess. I will make one thing very simple to those who do not understand Chicago politics. Daley has a special systems for contracts, bids, racket protection, and phony minority cut-ins, right until payday. If you get a ticket for pollution, shortchanging the terms of the contracts, the house drain inspectors will look the other way, the Chicago Department of Environmental Inspectors like Mark Pantaleo will not write tickets, Chicago Department of Water Management staff will not enforce the contracts, the Office of the Inspector General will do nothing, and Scott D. Sachnoff, Senior Counsel of municipal Prosecutions Division under Mara Georges, will allow staff to cut deals prior to the actual court date and times. This is how money is made in Chicago folks, when Daley’s friends get the bid, they do not enforce the rules. I think the FBI needs a little phone call, got a dime? Photo by Patrick McDonough

David Hoffman at the Celtic Knot enjoys his Irish Fans and some Chicago City Workers

David Hoffman for U.S. Senate 100.jpg The Celtic Knot is a wonderful Irish Restaurant in Evanston, Illinois. It has wonderful food and tonight January 21, 2010 was visited by a wonderful and enthusiastic group of Democrats supporting David Hoffman for U.S. Senate. Davis Hoffman was joined by two young Irishman that are some of his most excited supporters. Michael and David McDonough told me they are telling all their friends to have their parents vote for Mr. Hoffman in the election just a few short days away. I hope all of you well educated voters make sure you tell everyone to vote this primary election. I also agree with my children and will vote for David Hoffman. As a parent I reward my children for wise choices, I recommend all voters reward David Hoffman for making wise decisions while in public service. I must admit, candidates like David Hoffman give all of us a reason to go to the polls and vote. David Hoffman was also joined by Chicago City Workers tonight including teamster local 700 leader Angelo Fata and Operating Engineer Saul Charak. Most of the people in attendance were very passionate in their support for David Hoffman. Photo by Patrick McDonough.