Former 44Th Ward Alderman’s Son orders tree removal Paul “Bunyan” Hansen


Many City of Chicago residents love their trees in front of their home. Not long ago, a leak was in the parkway of their home and a Investigator crew came out in the middle of the night to check the cause. When the homeowner came out side, they felt like the crew was rude and abrupt to them. Them were given a paper with a notice the tree would be removed. The homeowners were very upset and contacted Larry Yellen of Fox News. Not long after, (Sunday February 28, 2016) Patrick McDonough, A State of Illinois Plumbing Inspector, was requested to investigate the situation. McDonough said the Shut off valve in the parkway was not even exposed so how could the city make a determination. The home owner and the neighbor pumped down the water and retrieved a metal detector.
George hunted down the B-Box, exposed it, and found the top was never removed. McDonough suggested the City should send some laborers from the Central District that know what side of the shovel to use. Since the work was in sand, it could be easily accomplished with-out destroying the tree. The lead pipe from the street could be re-routed from behind the tree and reconnected. There were no iron risers inside the meter vault. But, the North District is run by politicians.
On Monday, February 29, 2016, Paul (Bunyan) Hansen told the homeowner he wanted the tree chopped down. Paul Hansen from the 7200 block of West Olive should have known how important trees are to the quality of life in Chicago. Paul Hansen, is the son of 44th ward Alderman Bernie Hansen, so he got the “head” spot in the North District Water Department despite not having any training in the Plumbing Industry. Paul is best known for having a DUI and then a promotion. Alderman Tunney told me he pushed for Paul’s promotion.
There are options when you have skills and common sense. But that is not always the case when it comes to Department of Water Management employees.

Bruce Randazzo exposes City of Chicago and Alderman Burke on Chicago Clout

The City of Chicago is killing Chicago City Workers that come into contact with air-borne mists. These airborne dusts include limestone, asbestos, dusts. They are a threat to the entire community which includes the Chicago 45th ward. Ten years ago, Patrick McDonough, the whistleblower of Hired Truck Scandal, warded the entire neighborhood of this hostile dust clouds. This dusts can cause, Sore throat, blueish skin, coughing, sore throat, fever, chest pain, loss of appetite, and tiredness. It can also cause death. Please wear a mask when you are around 4900 West Sunnyside in the Chicago Northwest side.

Chicago Department of Water Management Workers contaminated by Limestone

Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees have been poisoned by Limestone Dust. A well-hidden killer lurks in the air every time the wind blows. Alderman Burke and the Committee on Finance have systemically denied essential care for lung, skin, and necessary medical care. According to an unnamed City employee, “We have reported this hazardous dust to the Illinois Department of Labor. City workers do not have OSHA”. “We are dying”. We have city workers die right after retirement for breathing issues. The North District open a fire-hydrant and when the State Safety Inspector is present, a couple of Laborers get out a little garden hose and put on a show. It is all a scam. Rahm Emmanuel does not care one single bit. We have reported claims for over ten years. The 45th Ward residents are subject to these deadly mists”. How much are taxpayers really saving? The City of Chicago Wellness program does not address these concerns. They use the testing to get rid of blacks and overweight city workers. We need masks, we need safety. Paul just does not care.

Rahm Emanuel’s top Water Department employee busted with prostitution Sting.

Brian Tierney City of Chicago.jpg Brian Tierney is an Operating Engineer for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He works under Paul E. Hansen son of former Alderman Bernie Hansen, a former trash man made superstar thanks to Alderman Tunney. The North District is the home of heroin deals, pay to play for overtime, bribes and non-stop criminal activities. In fact, get a DUI, cry to Rahm and get promoted!!!
Brian is not a bad guy, but if Rahm is paying guys over $100,00.00 per year, you got money for high class prostitutes. Brian Tierney has got high class clout, so he might be able to cover this up. So lets see what Mr. Bresnahan and Mr. Powers have to say about this crazy non-sense. Lets watch what the Mayor of Chicago says before the election. Let’s hear what Michael Tierney says. This is conduct unbecoming. Joe Ferguson of the Chicago Inspector General can not cover this up again. Folks, the Chicago Sun-Times stopped publishing these type of stories when Rahm ordered them to.Seven Chicago area men were arrested Feb. 5 in Wilmette in an undercover sting operation offering prostitution in advertising on social media, police said..

19 men arrested in Lake County prostitution stingLake County Crime19 men arrested in Lake County prostitution
According to Wilmette police, a multi-jurisdictional task force targeted prostitution through various social media networks. Investigators set up a fake prostitution advertisement and directed would-be customers to a specific room at the Residence Inn, 3205 Old Glenview Road, police said.
Five area police departments and prosecutors were involved in the sting operation, police said.
“All arrests took place in Wilmette,” said Wilmette Deputy Police Chief Kyle Murphy. “In the past we’ve partnered with these other jurisdictions when they’ve run prostitution stings. This time, we took a turn.”
Tose arrested Feb. 5 include Don Karger, 53, of 9040 Kedvale Ave., Skokie; Eduardo Romero, 30, of 7035 N. Ridge Blvd., Chicago; Mark L. Rumbolt, 40, of 329 Custer Ave., Evanston; Stavros C. Sellas, 38, of 2214 N. Rockwell St., Chicago; Samir Husetovic, 50, of 7521 W. Brown Ave., Forest Park; Vasil Lizarov, 24, of 1720 Palm Drive, Mount Prospect; and Brian Tierney, 44, of 5812 N. Octavia Ave., Chicago, police said.
According to police, the seven suspects were arrested after allegedly offering an undercover police officer money in exchange for a sex act.

All seven offenders were each charged with one count of solicitation of a sexual act, police said. Each suspect is expected to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. March 24 at Cook County’s 2nd Municipal District Courthouse in Skokie.

The undercover operation included participation from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Evanston, Skokie, Lincolnwood and Oakbrook Terrace police departments, police said.

Murphy declined to comment on which social media websites police targeted.

Residence Inn officials cooperated in the investigation, he said.

“They were very helpful in offering up their facility to assist our investigation,” Murphy said.

Rahm Emanuel holds up City Water Department Crew for Photos

Rahm Emanuel Water Department Employees.png The Chicago Inspector General was told to “Stand Down” while Rahm Emanuel is using Chicago Water Department Employees for political purposes. The crew said they waited over three hours for Rahm to show up in the newly issued clean clothes for the photo op. One Water Department Plumber said, we are working our tails off and this crew is sitting around smiling. The trench was left open and a kid could have fallen in and died. The Chicago Inspector General did nothing again and only retaliates against whistleblowers (snitches) The Chicago Law Department should stand at home plate and demand no more photo secessions while on city time. Misusing the City emblem and city trucks for political purposes is just straight up cray cray. Photo by trey.

Martin Luther King needs to pray for Jesse White, Ole White Dude's enabler

It is no secret the North District Department of Water Management is loaded with old style corruption. Corruption will only continue if politicians like Jesse White keep helping old white folks keep the Negro down. Jesse White needs to look into the promotions in the North District that go to political whites and why none of the promotions have gone to Negroes. On December 16, 2010, two white guys got their promotions despite a troubled past. One white dude got a promotion while he was on Duty-disability! Complaints to the Office of the Inspector General have gone unanswered. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management gets away with constant criminal activity due to the legal department’s use of procedural maneuvers. No interviews, no evidence gathering, and no convictions. Almost every person calling complaints to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General moves nowhere. Just recently, two more white guys were promoted despite their inexperience. The Foreman positions could be great promotions for Chicago Negroes. Negroes are losing their homes and are not getting a fair share of the pie. Jesse White is no friend of the ongoing Shakman Violations reforms. Make sure you ask Jesse White why he makes phone calls that keep whites in power at the Negroes peril. Some more Foreman Promotions are in the application stage at the Department of Water Management; keep James Sullivan’s white boyz out of the mix. Let us make some promotions of Negroes and some amigos for a change. Jesse White, stay out of the Blackman’s business if you are going to sell the Blackman out. Story by the Honky Tonk Man. (I hope you all pray for Martin Luther King’s Soul) Keep the faith, keep the jobs)