Mayor Daley City Hall Rodent Control

Mayor Daley Rodent Control.jpg
The day after the Sorich trial ended with a Guilty Verdict, Patrick McDonough was at Chicago City Hall and found Mayor Daley’s Rodent Control SUV was parked to remove the Rodents at Chicago City Hall on Friday, July 7, 2006. Someone screamed to “let Mayor Daley back out of the cage”. A well connected son of an Chicago Alderman said with a sheepish grin, “I am sorry, I was trained to remove Rats, and he looked like one”. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Nick Cerino Chicago Water Department Retired

Nick Cerino.jpg
I have had considered it both an honor and privilege to work with Nick Cerino. Nick just retired on June 30, 2006, after 32 years of honorable service to the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. I have had many a laugh with Nick’s sharp wit and an ability to say what he feels. Nick was always a man’s man. I respect this good looking Italian that retired with a full head of hair. (How did he pull that off?) Nick has only one regret, he applied for promotions and never had a fair shot. Thanks to the Sorich Conviction, Mayor Daley might think twice about breaking the law, and cheating great talent like Nick. God bless you Nick Cerino. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Sun-Times Operation Silver Screen Contest Daley

John Daley Picture.jpg
When Chicago Corruption and Clout Superstars are going to finally hit the big screen, great top actors are needed. John Daley, Chairman of the Cook County Board’s Finance Committee and brother to Mayor Rich ($$$$$) Daley needed a actor to portray him as close as possible. Suggested by the Glare Sun-Times July 4, 2006 page 28. was a Budweiser Frog. I think the handsome frog was a complement. I suggest a bulldog chewing on a wasp. This picture is a great resemblance. Contact for your suggestions. Photo from Internet.

Chicago Millennium Park Scandal Clout

Sell the Bean.jpg
Long before a sharp eye was put on the Mayor Daley’s Scandal ridden Millennium Park, the McDonough children and friends had a protest to bring attention to the wasted money and insider dealings. At a fund raiser, an unknown heckler was joking, “Sell the Bean”. It was so funny, I asked other people to join me in the protest. The Mayor Daley Park Security force, (NON-UNION) ordered us to leave to site. Some Park District officials have still not responded to my FOIA on Protest Policies in the Millennium Park. Works in old communist style governments also. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Dominic Longo Frank Avila Patrick McDonough

Doninic Longo Frank Avila Patrick McDonough.jpg
Dominic Longo made the All-Star list of Chicago Clout. Mayor Daley and Tim Degnan made a major mistake to remove this guy from power. Dominic Longo with his full head of hair and his Italian good looks is one of the most powerful political movers and shakers in Chicago Politics. Who are the Feds visiting as we speak? Who did the Feds visit last week? More work for Chicago top lawyers like Frank Avila. Longo is laughing now, don’t you think? More to look at while the shredding is looked into. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Troubled Water Department Promotions

Chicago Water Management Bell.jpg
Brian Murphy got a promotion to a higher position in Mayor Daley’s scandal ridden Administration. The new Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management is John F. Spatz. Spatz is 19th ward native. I think Mayor Daley is circling the wagons and ducking into the closet. Please enjoy a picture of the bell at the entrance of the Jardine water plant adminstrative offices. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Commissioner Frank and Sherry Avila

Commissioner Frank and Sherry Avila.jpg
Please enjoy this picture of Commissioner Frank Avila and his lovely wife Sherry. Sherry is a well known singer at the Irish American Heritage Center. Photo at Fifth Province. The Avila’s are the proud parents of Frank Avila Jr. Frank Jr. is one of the best lawyers in Chicago. Keep on singing Sherry!!! Photo by Tony Joyce.

Who are these Chicago City Guys?

Chicago City Workers.jpg
Contest, the first to tell me the name of these Chicago City Workers will win a lunch from me to a nice restaurant. Two are MTD Union Teamsters from the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. These are classy city employees that give 110% to the Taxpayers of Chicago. Hurry and collect your lunch and invite the wife. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mark Brown Dominic Longo Frank Coconate's Children

Frank Coconate's Children.jpg
June 20, 2006. Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times did an article today that sure sparked my interest. Dominic Longo has proved to everyone his political worth until Daley’s Administration started to put the squeeze on the alderman. Frank Coconate is having a fund raiser so please plan to attend. In the forefront is Frank’s two daughters and his son.