Wallace "Gator" Bradley (Burge Torture) Avila Video

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Please watch this Video for information on the Mayor Daley Burge Torture case. Click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8817816638316774747 Many of Chicago’s black youth were forced to admit to crimes they never committed. Wallace “Gator” Bradley was a Chicago Gang Member and turned his life around to become a “Urban Translator”. Many Chicago Black youth become gang members due to Mayor Daley’s lousy school system that stacks the deck against the children. Contact Gator at 1-312-371-6914 or e-mail him, click here: lagatorb4peace@yahoo.com The civil case of Aaron Patterson is handled by Chicago’s top Attorney, Frank Avila, also the host of the Issue Forum Chicago Clout series. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Gator please send our condolence to Kanya. This is from Queen Nuchie and family.

  2. I firmly believe that tha Daley mob needz to be uprooted as soon as humanly possible. We need folks with Ultimate Understanding of our community to be appointed as our policy makerz and treasurers. A Man from a ritzy northside neighborhood cannot aptly determine tha needs of people in Robert Taylor projects. It is a housing project, not a science project for Men with too much Money…You will have my wholehearted endeavors on your side,Mr. Bradley…

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