Commissioner Peraica Rainbow Beach Guitar Bluesman

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Dave Madlener is someone that does not ask for a favor unless he knows something special is going to happen. Dave Madlener asked me to photograph Tony Peraica at an event on the Democratic controlled Chicago South Side. I brought my three children to a a well organized event that never stopped to entertain for hours on end. Carol Marin a great Chicago Reporter had an article in the May 21, 2006 Chicago Sun-Times. The event had a awesome array of some of the best black talent in Chicago. The Band “Sounds of the City Band” was off the hook. Can a white guy say that? Orando P. Condon smoked the strings off the bass guitar. Mack Jordan of Lush Life Inc. was on top of the party. Also Starlight Barber and Beauty Salon, Braids by Fatou, Dance Bands and Red Storm a HBO Def Poet. Shorty Bucks, Shorty-C & Loco-B were young kids that performed very well. Also Eric “Sluggo” Brown a candidate for 7th Ward Alderman. Baseball teams were present. The only thing that got me upset was the Stage, not only do you pay for the stage but you look at Daley’s name. And now the million dollar question? Can Tony Peraica play the guitar? With a smokin band? Yes. I guess the Peraica campaign might stand out in the 7th ward and South Side, but it is sending a powerful message. Peraica got Clout and smarts. Photo by Patrick McDonough Rainbow Beach 3111 E. 77th Street Chicago.

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  1. Pat:

    Thanks for comming out. Actually the Stage and the two large canopies were free complements of M.O.S.E. (The Mayors Office of Special Events). I love those folks at M.O.S.E. . They put on a great Blues Fest as well (June 8-11).

    We had over 1,000 people show up throughout the day. I thank Mrs. Corky Davis at Rainbow Beach for her help and Ms. Devin. The staff at Rainbow Beach were a great help in allowing us to make this event happen.

    James Cole of “Starlight Barber and Beauty” was the promoter and man did he deliver. Ray Clark, our southwest side office manager, was also a major key in making this event possible.

    I thank all the volunteers that helped and I thank the people for comming out to the park. Remember PERAICA
    (pear-eye-ka)and vote for him on NOV. 7th

    Woof Woof!

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