Walley Stevenson in the Pipe Yard Chicago

Walley in the Pipe Yard.jpg
I caught Walley Stevenson in the City of Chicago Department of Water Management Pipe Yard. The Yard is located behind the Cook County Department of Corrections Section 11. Walley is also a Rosemont Police Officer and is trained to know the law. Walley has always been treated very well by the Water Department. Walley is on the City of Chicago Fast Response team, a no bid position. You mean you are not assigned by seniority and this is a Union Local 130 covered position? Was this position posted? Inquiring minds want to know. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Wally was getting nice overtime in the 41 ward July 18, 2006. We need a full scale investigation. What happen to the valve truck? Wally dropped off hydrant heads and let the laborer do all the work in Central District on July 19, 2006. All the loading and unloading while he did paperwork. Sad City Worker.

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